It is a strange creature like a snake ... But you would never guess what is hidden under its shell!

"Do not judge a book by its cover" - teaches the popular wisdom. We all know from childhood that saying, but, anyway, it's just a word. As the saying goes, and Vaska listens, yes eats. But sometimes life presents us real examples - and even then you can not argue with the fact that we have implemented from an early age. Once I had seen a strange creature, which reinforced the catch phrase about books and covers. It is a living creature quite what it seems at first glance. When I saw what lies beneath the terrible shell taken from me speechless. You will never guess what lies behind the outer appearance of a terrifying animal!

Take a look at the creature itself ... What it reminds you?

It looks like a snake, do not you?

not a pleasant sight!

This is actually a cocoon. Let's see what's inside ... Are you ready? B>

Hocus Pocus! Get to know this butterfly Dynastor darius. She lives on an island in the Caribbean - Trinidad. The whole world, it is known the specific color of your cocoon. Who would have thought that in this cocoon has hidden such a miracle?! B>

You see, the first impression is sometimes misleading. To judge by external appearance of someone else - bad job. Show this most cunning and insidious butterfly in the world, your friends.

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