It was like yesterday ... the top 20 of the best hits of the 90s, who remembered for a lifetime.

While most post-Soviet countries are at the stage of a deep political and economic crisis of the music industry has blossomed and smelled. Although the explosive 90 can hardly be called the era of high-quality music, but the most popular hits of the time, that probably sounded except that of iron, we will remember for the rest of his life.

Simple but heartfelt lyrics, catchy melody, bright stage outfit, chic, sparkle and crackle were by some guarantee of success every pop artist. Musical boom 90 touched everyone. Many young creatures were expecting Vlad Staszewski come to him on a white horse, tie it at the door and knock on the door, others went dry at Sweet Dmitry Malikov, on every corner sounded "Wind blowing from the sea," "Crying girl in the machine", " Poplar fluff "and" Little My "older women listened Nikolaev and Allegrova, connoisseurs a better product with a guitar in the alley singing hits" Rondo "," Bravo ", Zemfira," Nautilus Pompilius "," Spleen "and" B-2 " , top the charts replenish flora and fauna, remember that most shark or "Lesopoval" - seemed to be a mass psychosis of the late twentieth century, there was no end in sight. But at some point many of these brilliant eccentric characters have sunk into oblivion.

Komanada wants to immerse you in the pleasant memories from the past and present to you the top 20 most popular domestic clips 90 for every taste and color. Oh, those sweet melodies! The video clip is number 16 - a blast!

1. Natalie - "The wind was blowing from the sea»

2. "Hands Up" - "My Little»

3. "Ivanushki int.» - «Poplar fluff»

4. "Na-Na" - "Fell hat»

5. Natasha Queen - "A small country»

6. "Liapis Trubetskoy" - "Ay»

7. Vlad Staszewski - "Call me in the night»

8. Zemfira - "search»

9. Dmitry Malikov - "You're the one, you're such a»

10. "Nancy" - "The smoke menthol cigarettes»

11. Alexander Ivanov - "God, what a trifle»

12. Anzhelika Varum - "Winter Cherry»

13. Natalya Vetlickaya - "Look into my eyes»

14. Love Assumption - "Convertible»

15. "Bravo" - "This city»

16. Murat Nasyrov - 'The boy wants to Tambov »

17. Alla Pugacheva - "Call me with»

18. "Brilliant" - "Clouds»

19. Evgeny Osin - "Crying girl in the machine»

20. "Leg cramped» - «Haru mamburu»

Yes, I just dipped into his teenage years! It would seem that long since you do not listen to such music, but you do not feed bread, let me sing for these unpretentious songs. And that listen to 90 of your peers? Share with them the most funky hits that time. You're probably too well versed in the music of the 90s. Write us in the comments about your favorite songs.

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