11 best yard games from the past that we almost forgot. But it was fun as hell!

Summer - a wonderful season of delicious berries, juicy fruits, sea, sun and heat. And it's a great time to long-awaited school holidays. I noticed how little time rebyatnya now spends outdoors? Whether it before: day and night, we were playing in the yard, sometimes anticipating home snack, a drink of water or sleep. It's safe to say that our generation brought up the street. Now the children prefer to sit at home and chopped computer games, earning a far earlier scoliosis, poor vision and torn psyche ... Okay, how the world has changed now we are not talking. Get ready, now you rasplyveshsya smile of pleasant nostalgia, where you will be covered.

cold - hot
Popular nowadays a game in which the principle of pryatok. However, people do not hide, and the items that the participants are looking with special tips. Usually it looks as follows: one player hides a thing (often a toy, but fancy enough for all), and another - goes in search. Other participants while searching shouting "cold" if the treasure is hidden away, and "hot", if you are already almost there. However, because children are different intelligence and wit, so the variation of enthusiastic screams were like, "Oh, where did you go, there is already the North Pole!" "Oh, so hot that even undress to his underpants," "heat, heat, o- oh, you're straight from the oven ... What are you doing, which climbed to the fridge ... ". Most often, this "thermal Quest" organized the birthday, because just handing a gift in hand - she even boring things. Let exerts little to find a treasured gift.

Above feet off the ground
This game is a variation of the kwacha. Home entertainment feature - the option of "salvation." Players run away from the lead in all directions, he is trying to catch up with them or touch them. Members can hide in the specific "asylum" - to take any position, as long as your feet are above the earth's surface. Example: stand on the curb, on a bench in the dug poryshki (as a rule, been in every yard), climb a tree or just hang on a branch, defiantly waving in front of the leading legs. Particularly resourceful invented simply unprecedented options, for example, lie on the floor and put his feet up. It was fun to play a game on the playground, where you can save all kinds of horizontal bars, stairs, gates, swing, in general, in the course went all! Naturally, if the lead time to touch the running even before he managed to get out somewhere, then it automatically becomes Kwacha.

Rock-paper-scissors (and the well in the courtyard)
In my opinion, the best way to resolve any dispute has not yet been invented! All participants gather in a circle and cast spells choir "Rock-paper-scissors, one, two, three!" And at the same time on the last word should represent some figure. Fist - stone divorced fingers - scissors, flat palm - paper. Rules of the game: paper more stone, she would wrap, scissors - cut paper, stone - tupit scissors. We have been in a neighboring yard version of the well, which was sinking stone, but that covers the paper. By the way, in some countries, even the championship game do not start without this truly serious fun. And you say, children yard stupidity ...

Classics of the genre, especially among boys. Most often, the children were divided into "us" and "Germans", in very rare cases, playing in the "red" and "white." And if today you are in one camp, it is usually agreed with the other, "Let me now for the Germans, but precisely because of our tomorrow, okay?" In the street carried all the weapons stored at home: from pistols to machine guns and rifles. If this good you do not, do not worry: you can always cut it out yourself something from the board or just armed with sticks. By the way, an indispensable element of the game was coming up with passwords (real and fake). Remember, the most difficult in the game was not the destruction of the enemy, and try to prove this to the enemy that he has destroyed when it because of the angle of the shot stick.

Fanta ​​b>
Today's children probably think it has something to do with the popular soda, but no such luck! In this fun, you can play in the yard and the house. Leading bypasses all players with a box (hat, bag, bag) and collect "tribute": everyone has to throw some little thing from him. Alternative: throwing pieces of paper with the names of the participants. Then one player stands up, pulls out an object and asks: "What do I need to do this Fanta?" Lead, lifting a great convolutions, comes up with a tricky task. Oh-oh, invent something such dreamed everything, so everyone wanted to quickly become a leader. Most often, however, our imagination enough to "Stand up on the bench and crowed," "Shout out to the balcony, as you all hate," "Come to the first passer-by and ask about aliens." If someone, God forbid, I know to whom you feel sympathy, down the drain: do you have to make come true, to come to the adored object and kiss, a hug, a declaration of love, or dance with.

Spoiled phone
Usually all sit on the bench or stand in a row, select one presenter. He whispers in the ear of the first player by itself a word, he must pass the next and so on until the end. The last player to have to say to hear the words out loud. It would seem that what is so tough? The fact that the participants specifically tried to convey to each other word message is not clearly and quickly, often gulping half the letters. The task was complicated when we had not a word to guess, but a whole phrase. Sometimes the end result were such gems that not even one syllable do not like the source. But all the fun, all laughing ...

Mothers and Daughters
While the boys were involved in voynushki, the girls did not lose time in vain and playing daughters and mothers. Game rules are very simple and mimic adult family life. Usually the girls out into the yard with dolls, bobblehead (who were wheelchair, he never missed an opportunity to boast of), imagines himself from caring mothers. In this case, the course was also a toy tableware, home furnishings, clothes. The game could last for at least a few days. Often it is accompanied by a very bright dialogue, enthusiastic remarks, imitation feeding process, lulling babies. In general, here everyone can show imagination to the full, embodying the game all their cherished dreams and desires. Maybe because many girls called "small voobrazhulyami».

The fisherman and fish
The only inventory for this game was the rope, and there is a good arsenal of almost every girl. Lead gets into the circle and begins to twist the rope on the floor - it stands "fisherman." All the other participants - the "fish" - bouncing, trying not to touch the rope. Who did not, and caught the "bait" is eliminated. Then the circle is getting smaller, and adrenaline is released into the blood more and more: there is a bloody battle for life and death (in fact, to win). The most interesting thing is that by the end of the game the level at which the leading twisted the rope markedly increased, and then in the courtyard could hear the screams, "Hey, are you crazy, you give me the bruises on the legs of his rope nabesh" But aggression and resentment as typically lasted 20 seconds, and then all over again is a rage and jumped with all his might.

It belongs to the category of dangerous, but very popular games. Someone draws a circle on the earth and divides it into a number of segments as there are participants. Next on stage everyone is trying to grab a "piece of cake" of the enemy, trying to get a knife on someone else's territory. To get a knife into the ground so that it stood up and fell - not an easy task. Allowed to throw from the shoulder, with the coup, nose and even the head. The second obstacle - to hold a knife to some of the lines so that the new uhvachennaya area joined to yours. In the end, even the players lying on the ground and the knife in his outstretched hand trying to reach a certain point. In this game could very well be traced who would like to grab a "piece of cake" others - such habits of many more in the future, oh, how useful.

If even someone had taken out of the house of the gum, and in rezinochki jump is tired, it was possible to play in the "Olympics". Two people are facing each other, holding hands gum for jumping and say, "The Olympics, my mother's lipstick, daddy pants, one, two three," and try to feet and hands to spin the gum so that the players were the most difficult to climb through the resulting intricate shape not to touch anything. Usually this game is very addictive.

In many yards there alternative name of fun called "Kis-scat-meow." We can say that it is light-vershn "Bottles". Select a leader, who, along with one of the players gets to all the parties (the leading face of the player - backs). Leading points at one sitting, and asked: "Keys?". If the one who stands with his back to everyone responsible "scat", leading the victim chooses next. In the case of the long-awaited answer "meow" master asks, "What color?", Then the player chooses a color and turn "back to the woods, to the players before." Further, depending on the selected color starts to get fun. The most dangerous are not scary black, not passionate red, namely white. Then the two have to go into the entrance, or retire in any other safe place. What did they get up there, the story, as they say silent, but, in practice, our children, "the meet" starts from this moment. In every yard specific color means different jobs. We in the region was as follows: green - the three questions, the answers to which can only be "yes", red - a kiss on the lips, pink - on the cheek, orange - three issues alone, blue - to kiss his hand, purple - to do some nasty .

We hope that this light post helped you remember your childhood fun and yard. Be sure to teach some of the games your child, he will thank you for such a fascinating pastime! If you are almost in tears from homesickness, which is filled with this article, it's time to show it to a friend. And be sure to write us in the comments about your favorite outdoor game.

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