15 pictures of the underwater world, from which breath.

The talented Canadian photographer David Flitem for more than 18 years, lives with his family on the island of Maui in Hawaii. During this time, the man had time to study it all the ins and outs. It's time to conquer the ocean floor. Today Flitem is considered one of the greatest photographers in the world of underwater inhabitants. It is not surprising that David Flitem cooperates with many renowned scientific and popular publications, including with National Geographic.

Looking at these pictures, you realize what an amazing and our planet! Life on the ocean floor is poured, and plays a variety of colors. Each frame captures and plunges you headlong into the underwater world. I held my breath - a fascinating spectacle!

hammerhead sharks, Hawaii.

small fish clean the fish-moon, the island of Bali, Indonesia.

The girl-diver is trying to find a common language with octopus off the coast of Hawaii.

Seahorse among red coral, Philippines.

Silhouette green turtle in the waters of West Maui, Hawaii.

A hungry sea lion decided to have lunch in the waters around the Galapagos Islands.

Terrible moray Gymnothorax eurostus, Hawaii.

The underwater photographer Doug Perrine takes whitetip shark, Big Island, Hawaii.

The diver brought delicacy Javanese gimnotoraksu, Fiji.

View from the bird's eye view on the island of Molokini crescent-shaped, Hawaii.

Green Sea Turtle swims near the surfing Tara Angioletti the coast of Maui.

Hawksbill and school of fish, the Philippines.

Superpryzhok humpback whale, Hawaii.

great white shark swimming towards the island of Guadeloupe, Mexico.

Green turtles are sent to "cleaning stations" where small fish clean off parasites from their skin, West Maui, Hawaii.

Yes, this photographer with marine residents to "you." He was not afraid of any shark or giant whale. Here is a master of his craft! Share these stunning pictures of the ocean depths with your friends. They will be delighted - promise!



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