How to learn to relax: relaxation according to Jacobson

There are several ways to relax. All of them are and proven can try and choose one that suits you physiologically, or simply prefer. Note that if a method does not give you proper result, try another method. We are all different and often the little things also play no small role, everyone needs to find their own.


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Ways to relax


Generally the breath is so important to us that writing about this separately and many. Note that in different States we breathe completely differently. And if one breath allows us to calm down and even leave very nervous and stressed condition, another breath, on the contrary, may, from a state lead to stress.

How to do the exercise.

Switching attention from any thoughts on our breathing. Relaxes facial muscles, straighten the shoulders and take a deep breath at your normal pace. The air dialed is not in the chest and in the stomach. Next, hold the breath for 3 to 5 seconds and slowly exhaled.

Exhalation should be about a third of the time longer breath and make it with short delays between each inhalation and exhalation (2 - 3 sec). Repeat the inhale — hold — exhale — delay and so 5 — 6 times. It can be done, as the nose and mouth, not too straining. Taking a breath you mobilize your resources and fill the blood and organs with oxygen and when you exhale just happen calm, you breathe out the tension.

Relaxing breathing should not be discontinuous in the process of inhalation and exhalation, try to everything flowed smoothly.

And after made the first 5 to 6 deep breaths, generally no longer intervene in this process, breath is now happening by itself. You just watch it, not trying to influence it. Let the body itself will select the desired rhythm.

Try during the day (at least sometimes) to follow your breath. This is very important, often do this exercise, even if you are completely calm. Let a proper, deep and slow breathing will become your healthy habit.

And learn to focus on your breath your full attention, then the effect of relaxation will be much greater.

One of the most effective methods — Active aggression.Long-known method. On your experience I would say very good for this would be a gym, not only for men but also for women. Perhaps even more so a good way is to practice martial arts. But if not that nor another does not suit you, then just find a toy for beating.

In General, finding something that is not a pity to break, to break and split, with a passion to do this. It is desirable to shout. The cry helps to quickly throw out all the negative and relax. This is especially important for those who do not know how to Express their emotions and constantly suppresses them, saves himself. After all emotional energy is not going anywhere, and accumulates inside, which becomes even harder.

This method of active aggression is not suitable everywhere and always, but to get rid of accumulated negative emotions (such as irritation) is one of the best ways to quickly relax and relieve tension.

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Relaxation according to Jacobson

The technique of Edmund Jacobzana based on the preliminary tension of the muscles and their subsequent relaxation. For about 10 seconds alternately tense the muscles of the face, neck, hands, back, abdomen, shoulders, groin and feet. Then relax involved muscles and really let us feel the resulting relaxation.

The best and most do the following -tense the muscles of different parts (muscles) of the face, hold the face for 8-10 seconds and relax is good relieves stress, relaxes and helps to improve facial expressions, as well as improves blood circulation in the cells. And do not be afraid thoughts that exercise can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles — it is not. Exercise with relatives bodyflex and positively affects the appearance of the skin.

Second — take a cylindrical object that went well in hand and squeeze it for 8-10 seconds then slowly relax your hand and try to feel this pleasant feeling of relaxation. Don't be lazy and do this exercise at least 5 times a day 1-2 weeks it will reduce the overall level of anxiety.

And that is important after you run, just try to feel this very pleasant relaxation in 1-2 min. the Body subconsciously remembers this relaxed state and then it will be easier coming back to him.

Happen again, do this exercise the first time 5 times a day, it's important to get rid of the old, chronic blocks and reduce anxiety. Further enough to do 2 times a day for prevention or when they feel that it is you need.

Note :Exercise is contraindicated in high blood pressure and heart problems. In your case, suitable more relaxing exercise in tension. To do this, lie on the floor or bed and extend the maximum pulling force and rotting neck, arms, legs, back. For proper execution, remember yourself when you Wake up and yawn with a feeling of stretch.

This exercise is weaker and therefore make it (every day) will have most of the previous 1.5 times. Running the same 8 - 10 seconds.

These exercises also help in osteoarthritis.

How to relax while working or in any other place and situation. Used hands as already described above . It is a way to relieve tension without worrying about what someone sees something, and don't forget your breathing.

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Other basic techniques how to relax

Focus on a methodical lesson.

The purpose of this method gently (without a fight) to switch from negative thoughts to something more pleasant and useful, something.

The head can't be two ideas or of the object simultaneously in full measure. One of them will still attract big psychological activity. Therefore, it is important to learn how to gently oust unwanted, replacing it with something useful and to make it useful gradually drew (was interesting) and after some time you can notice how the film has lost its power and poignancy.

The condition of the passive observation of everything that happens.

Entry into this light trance state conducive to mental calm and relaxation.

To enter this state is not difficult, much more difficult to stay in it. Tired physically or mentally, we do it when down in a chair and stop thinking about anything close your eyes and mind sink into the sensations, involuntarily adjusting itself to rest but not fall asleep.

Or, from the side, generally just long watching a certain point (subject, etc.) or follow the thought process, but do not analyze what is happening, and just observe everything. To enter the state of conscious observation, you can optionally at any time.

Sit in a chair, close our eyes, while our mental activity continues, thoughts flow in the direction of problems, some Affairs, etc... And now slow down and gradually turning off any internal dialogue with yourself and bringing attention to the sensations in the body, while trying to capture the attention of the whole body from head to feet.

The sensation can be unpleasant or pleasant. It is important now to turn my attention and begin monitoring for pleasant sensations or some visualizations (pleasant imagery). The flow of thought smooth and superficial, and we only for all to observe.

It may be difficulty in switching attention from negative, or some thoughts will not go out of my head. Here it is important not to fight it, not to drive them, but simply bringing attention to the pleasant sensations or the breath. Just, not analyzing anything, watching the breath and pleasant sensations in the body.

The activity is based on the Observation of any pleasant feeling — the severity of the hands and feet surrounding a comfortable temperature, subtle pulsations, twitching or any other mild sensations in any part of the body.

All this comfort and watch the comfort, as if brooding over their feelings. Thinking itself will gradually be drawn to nice, and you just watching this.

The status of the passive, the bare observation it is our natural and most important as a healing for us.

Finally learning how to relaxSwing the elbows

This exercise is an effective "physical" technique against many organic and mental problems. It's kind of a complex promote relaxation and improve blood supply to the brain (especially for those who are far from sports, or people who because of the physique, it is difficult to perform standard physical exercises).

In fact, exercise is a simulation of running quadrupeds. Our body structure initially adapted to the position and movement, and is natural to man despite our evolution. Regular exercise allows you to relieve congestion from all the internal organs, improve blood circulation, deterioration which is so typical of depression, anxiety and other negative mental States, and to improve the cerebrospinal fluid circulation and offset the disadvantages of bipedalism.

This exercise:Accept original position

On the mattress, settling in the middle and along, up on his knees. The knees and toes of the feet at the same time rely on the mattress. From the knees, forward at the three palm width and remember this place. Lay down and rested his elbows on the mattress in the same metered spot. Elbows are shoulder width apart.

Put your head on your palm in such a way that the edge of his palms covered his eyes, and the tips of the fingers lay on the top of the head. That is, the hands will be placed along the face from the eyes to the head. Will pomogaem opening his eyes and feel how ever affect the muscles of the thumb.

Now perform the exercise

Importantly! Carrying it out, elbows and knees not for a moment have to break away from the mattress, and the tips of the fingers, from the benevolent. Be careful how you perform the exercise until it is remembered.

Moving forward with his whole body, put the head with the palms on the mattress, the edge of the palms is necessary to tear from the eye, and the tips of his fingers, still lying on benevolent, moderate effort to hold the head. That is, the fingers together with the benevolent cling to the mattress and the edge of the palms will free eyes. Stay in this position for 1-2 seconds.

Move the body back (knees and elbows do not come off the mattress), the motion in the final stage, trying to touch the thighs calf muscles. And again close your eyes with your palms without lifting your fingers from the benevolent. Stay in this position for 2-3 seconds.

And we repeat this back and forth motion a few times (swinging elbow). The first few times the number of swings do no more than 10 times. If you are having trouble in the beginning, do as much as easily. Add the number of swings 1-3 a week.

Exercise should be done easily, not so zealous. As soon as you master the exercise you can increase the temp swings. Exercise can be done from 2 to 6 times a day. After, the exercise will become the norm - Optimal number of swings from 20 - 50, depending on age.

Note :Depending on the ratio of the forearms and thighs, the elbows to put a folded blanket or something. It is necessary in order that would move back the shoulders were a bit higher towards the hips.

Within 1-3 months as you gain flexibility, this can complicate things. Moving forward I try to arch your back upwards and pull the belly into the chest. Move back, try to arch your back down and your belly to bulge outward.

Regular performance of this practice to compensate for the disadvantages of bipedalism and relieves congestion in all our bodies.

Music and a special relaxation the sounds used on the discs is also very effective and can serve as a relaxing element, so be it, as a Supplement in some techniques of relaxation.


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For relaxation, removal of fatigue and raise the tone of the recommend douches.

And something to practice while at work or just going to the store, pay attention to your body muscles. Often some of them are in tension.

Noticing the tension in your shoulders or somewhere else, relaxes them, it also gives a positive effect. Massage and a bath with special oils and gels - also a good way to get your nervous system.published 


Author: Andrey Russkikh




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