How to sell a car))

Andrew slowly rubbed the already clean glass of his, as yet, of the machine. Under the windshield lying A4 print the large text: "Chevrolet Niva 2004 onwards $ 8,200, Price negotiating "... Tinted glass is not even break, but the owner of the car light thoughtfully stroked the cloth combat girlfriend, as if comforting her ... Sell was a little pity, but life dictates its own terms ... About his car stopped in the dark" Vitara ". From it came a guy at his appearance rovestnik, but a little slimmer and not dressed for Sunday - formally in a suit, hair slicked back with the help of the incredible amount of gel.
 - Sell?
 - The machine is not mine, I just posted announced! - Andrew snapped.
 - Excuse me? - Surprised "suit»
 - Yes, of course selling. Do you want to buy or just interested?
 - Well, I'm thinking of buying nedorogovo SUV I drive to the cottage in the summer.
 - Well, what you Vitara your not satisfied? - Andryukha surprised.
 - Well, you know, I'm sorry to kill her over the bumps - "suit" with love looked at his brand new car. - Speak Chevrolet Niva car is not?
 Andrew rolled his eyes for a second up but tried to pull myself together, today it was the sixth woodpecker on a foreign car that started inspection of his car with such words.
 - Shnivy - shit - unexpectedly blurted Andryukha.
 - Chtoooooo?
 - Eeeee ... In terms of price, plus I give a real bargain, and the problems of running the body there, negnilaya, Not crushed, music, light alloy wheels, one owner ...- Andrew rattled, so as someone to smooth the situation.
 - She says she often breaks down?
 "Three hundred and thirty-five .....": slowly and silently said Andrew tried to slowly exhale, relax ...
 - Who says that?
 - Well, I read on the Internet where to.- flashed erudition suit.
 "This is since when on SUVs began to discuss?" - Muttered under his breath ...
host Shnivy
 - sorry what?
 - I say you were misled, maintenance costs are much lower than your Grand Vitara.
 - But she's noisy and did not let up nabriolinennymi gremit.-.
 - Let's ride and you do hear and prochustvuete.-Andryukha began to boil slowly, he realized that the seventh fan of SUVs is the last stimulus which he will stand today.
 Man in a suit has closed, its Vitara and sat on the passenger seat:
 - Well, a spacious interior, dashboard inexpressive, but why so little knobs? That these are the lock, right? And they're not done button? The door slam stronger, it's WHA? ..
 Slammed the passenger door, echoing otozvlas collapsed strap patience Andrew ... a little faster than usual, he ducked behind the steering wheel ... Odell glove system "type ofrouder cool", pushed his cap back on his head, adjusted his sunglasses and turned to the potential buyer:
 - On shit you want to ride?
 - Where to forgive? - "Suit" fidgeted nervously.
 - Well, you want to buy an SUV, but here in the countryside 10 minutes have amazing country road.
 - Ahh, well, well, if you have the time ...
 - Cognac on the track does not want? - Andryukha tried to make a last gesture of good will.
 - What do you! I'm driving! - Outraged the owner Vitara.
 - Well then, just keep in mind what it is! - One half of the mouth smiled SUV driver.
 A man in a suit nervously twitched an eyebrow, but said nothing and strapped ...
 The car obediently started up with sex trafficking ... Andrew touched the steering wheel with both hands and the smile grew wider and more natural.
 - So why do you sell it? - I tried to defuse the buyer pause.
 The car drove smoothly on the radial road in the forest and began to pick up speed over the houses of the sleeping area ... Andrew looked through his glasses at the happy owner Vitara and unexpectedly (nervous day did not pass without a trace) began to tell:
 - Yes ... if those panimaesh wife took out ..., I will not say I do not like her to go to her, she said such money would buy Sportage and Nissan Vitara or second-hand, with a gun. I said to her on the shit on the machine nonsense! And she told me: You're even in their competition over 12 places did not come up! I explained to her that there really charged monsters appear, and I for the soul. A Land Rover pofik Gauvreau here as there is fly! Gasoline say they guzzle! A enasha says not eating? At the cottage to go so 20 liters per 200 kilometers! Money will not save enough!
 Ahead loomed the plug, Andrei took a little to the right easily leaping on the curb at 60 km \ h. The car wobbled slightly on the uneven footpath. "Suit" swallowed, but said nothing. Andrew went on, paying no attention to him:
 - It tells me we will soon have a second born, where we children clothes and put something in it? Trunk tiddly! Mlyn! And we of Ashan from the country visited, one child in the chair, one wife, a bed baby, a mattress, stroller, high chair, two sports bags, two "ashanovskie" box powered, 8 packages, the four birches, three pine trees, three trees and garbage on the little things! She is still there and shove table kompbterny hatela, look says top place to stay!

Walkway ended at a traffic light near the exit stood a man in a mouse shape and cap. "Policeman!" - Thought the master Vitara.
 "Gotcha!" -Think Policeman. "Hto here?" - Thought the driver of Chevrolet.
 Andrei slightly slowing down, rolled down the window and waved his hand man with striped stick ... He answered distractedly picked up his free hand ... shnivy crossed the border got off the sidewalk and rushed to the enable signal of a traffic light. "Suit" looked at Andrew, but he was fascinated by the narrative:
 Well, I agree that the NPA cottage on the road can be and more bright car take at look we schA 155 drive (the car flew into the country roads and quietly rustling in the left lane), well, a maximum of 170 I on it Squeeze, but this is too much, all the same not a foreign car ... ... SchA vooot 165. Okay? It does not vibrate the same? Or not ... Hey stop trembling we have almost arrived!

Before Andrew reconstructed pointer to the right and began to slow down, just before the turn to the left unexpectedly gravyku number almost at right angles they undercut the BMW X5 and the system went into rotation simultaneously with shnivy.
 Andrew took the right not to stick into the side of a foreign car, wet curb weight of the car broke down and shnivy two wheels slipped into a ditch ...
 Pale Vitara owner looked very good in contrast with his dark suit.
 - A chtttoo? We are now budddem ddelat?
 - Revenge! - Even sunglasses made no secret of bright eyes hurt ofroudera.

Andrew drove a little ahead and to the right and the car was in the middle of the ditch, at the level of the roof lay the canvas primer ... Almost like a samurai, in one continuous motion shnivavod including reduced, locked differential and putting the car threw a second gear to conquer the wet plummet 45 degrees. SUV brief enough space to turn ninety degrees at the second attempt to attack a ditch at a right angle. Machine surprised by the involvement of so many options readily jumped into the road, finally shaking like a dog dirt from the rear wheels, bringing its insidious cell.
 - Let's not obizhatsya due to nonsense and go back to the city - plaintively asked the driver to cool foreign cars.
 - You do not understand man! Ofroudery do not take offense! They take revenge! - Andryukha was already at the stage when the passion for their valuable comments could be obtained in the ear, and not leaving pepelatsa. Somehow sixth chustvom content costume is understood shutting up and pressed himself into the seat.
 - Do not be afraid! This is only one road into the village, and I know how to cut. We just catch up with him, say that he is a bad man, and go home! OK?
 The owner Vitara gulped and nodded, silently say a prayer in a dead language.
 Shnivy turned to the forest on nepahannoe field and began to pick up speed in a wide arc along the edge of the forest, grass obediently lay under the hood, the car was exactly like a tank on the march. Suddenly crossed the road Rolled road tractors, a second rumble of the wheels had stopped and there was a feeling of free flight, instantly and shnivy landing on four legs continued crackdown on the field.
 - You see these plastic bumpers and trash full, well turnbuckle so rescues and who builds a field ......- persisted Andryukha.
 They flew out of the forest on the edge of the village, Andrew taxied on the road in the opposite side of the village. In the distance, she seemed BMW coming collision course.
 Vysk unmade road with steep slopes on the edges, stream reproach and old bridge with a pipe under the road. "Evening perstala be weary" - thought ofrouderu. Both machines were flying towards each other, about the meeting place was okazatsya bridge over a stream ...
 - Hey, do you remember the BMW in Germany do? - Andrew calmly asked the passenger.
 - A? What? Who cares? What are you doing? - "Suit" went to the ultrasonic range.
 - Simply German engineering has a design feature: it has a frontal attack on the Russian begins to leak all liquids ... Here I remember my grandfather has been a pilot in the war so he raskazyval ...
 BMW roared kryakalkami and flashing like a Christmas tree, shnivy flew to the bridge leaving behind the first traverse of the gravel ...
 - Hey you can konchku the dernesh? And this ... is my Bushlatik Naquin - help pull this asshole ... Hey, where are you? Here before routes are 15 km away!
 Away ran ... ... offended chtoli ......?
 BMW flew into the stream plowed it cross the channel and almost went out on the other side, but stopped in the classical dioganali. From left behi two thuggish-looking guy, but with pretty childish confusion owners.
 - Brandy boys? - I asked Andryukha.
 - You! Yes we are! Yes I! Yeah ... Let ......- like the guys immediately agreed.
 They drank, met. The boys were not bandits but rather the opposite, but the bandits did not mind, since complained that their confused all the time.
 Trying to run the tractor Andrew rejected, saying that there is not a third tractor unfold. Slightly undermine and shnivy like spider transfixed on the slope BMW pulled the first try ... They drank for snatch rope.
 - Andrei, Sell me your car! -neozhidanno Offered behi carrier.
 - Yes, the hell it is you ... you have also won what ... what ... what the SUV!
 - No brother, I now understand how a real SUV, and still understand: you made me, now I will not give it the right to kill your car!
 - In the logic of blah, but I am impressed by your approach, only the price without bargaining!
 - No question! Hand and in a bathhouse? We've got a house nearby.
 Morning, Andrew is not able to take his car to the garage (for some reason, BMW has fallen off the radiator). In the bag were to buy foreign cars money for his wife. The mood was excellent.
 He opened the garage and tenderly looked at the brand-new Chevrolet Niva I bought a week ago for yourself: otliftovana, 235 rubber, snorkel on the outwardly display, he did not - regretted the hood, the new chandelier, electric winch that he wanted to have an old shnivy ...
 Well, he does not want his wife to drive his shnivy, even edit in their foreign car with a gun!
The devil! In the boys in the car shovel forgotten, and in fact it has already drilled holes for attachment to the trunk! Well ... Friday'll take the same time to take a steam bath! Guys else at the exits were not there to talk about!



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