Poor Ghosh

I've got an old acquaintance named Gosha. In the era of the great divide I went into science and Goshcha - in the lads. Despite this divergence of life paths, we both love good beer and girls and do not like Putin's toadies. So often we communicate in an informal atmosphere ...
 Not long ago, Gaucher's happened to pass by my office, so without thinking twice, he came to see me for lunch. Oddly enough, we have not gone on women and health.
More specifically, that after 30 it is necessary to have at least sometimes taken care of. As I have long suspected about the sport Gosha concepts were quite strange, mainly formed in the school and section box. That is sport in its terms associated with hard and thankless task. Decades of technological progress and the development of modern forms of recreation simply passed him. Slightly thinking, I realized that for rollerbleydinga Gosh heavy, skiing it needs a long time to learn, but he went to the bike at the time. For this reason, I focused on the benefits of cycling and the great personalities such as Armstrong.
 Gosh, well, a pretty simple guy. So I was not surprised that after 10 minutes it took to Mobile and take something to rub his' brother. Within an hour, they are drawn in a set with good highways great Specialized. In the office to go, in general, do not like, so we drove to my house and went on a run in the purchase of a beautiful but little-known way.
Ghosh was in good order and kept me up to the point where the road is very long and zaknchivalas rise curves type Teschin language with a finite slope of about 45 degrees. After rising to the top, I calmly lit a cigarette, t. To. I calculated he had to drive at least 15 minutes. So I was very surprised when Gosha appeared on the road far ahead of schedule. Even more, I was amazed at his appearance. Ghosh was all in a lather and uniformly crimson.
He rested in the hands of the mighty wheel and pushing the pedals as the stokilogrammovye post. Frame flimsy roadies noticeably bent. The reason for this strange behavior, I realized when he drove closer. His great was firmly latched in the lowest 64th gear.
I snorted with laughter and started to think how best to pin Gosha.
 We began to come to mind a variety of jokes about the new Russian.
 Having caught up with me, gosh fell to the ground motionless. However, as soon as I opened my mouth, he found me blearily and croaked:
 - You think I do not know that there are large transmission? Yes I know, but the lads said here this Pacanskaya!


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