Stories about animals that are under arrest

There are cases where the police have to rescue people from dangerous animals, for example, randomly selected to freedom of snake or a tiger escaped from the zoo. Here you will find 10 stories of animals that were in a completely different situation - all of them were "arrested" for the specific offense of vagrancy to espionage.

Cat-burglar named Oscar

In the police report Oscar characterized as an animal "plump and aggressive." This cat was arrested in Sweden for being "terrorized" domestic cats, being the "visiting" uninvited and taking away their food. After the "arrest" and inspection "suspect", the police decided that he was a homeless person looks too manicured. Therefore, it was decided to hold the furry bandit in the area, until you can find its owner. Fortunately for Oscar, the owner found a (otherwise it would be put to sleep).

Elephant illegal nicknamed Bhola

Elephant named Bhola arrested when the owner was trying to carry it across the border Pradesh state of India, where he hoped to cure the animal. It turned out that before the elephant collided with a truck, was wounded and almost blind. At the police station Bhola quickly became a favorite of local children, and his master in the court did not announce fearing paperwork. Later the court passed an elephant rescue center wildlife WildlifeSOS.

Bobby - Hindu in Pakistan

Bobby - Indian monkey crime was "illegal" crossing of the Indian-Pakistani border. Unlike Bhola, Bobby was wild (he was named after his arrest), no one tried to take him smuggling. He just walked and wandered into Pakistani territory. When local found the intruder, at first I tried to catch it on their own, but failed and appealed to the authorities. Punjab Police seized "intruder" was taken into custody and transferred to the zoo.

Dove spy

Pakistan dove found one resident of Punjab (India), and immediately called the police. It may seem odd that the Indian was able to recognize a stranger in the bird, but the Pakistani pigeons really distinguished by their white color. After a closer inspection of the foot ring dove found engraved on it the address and telephone number. Bird was accused of espionage and "put under arrest».

Cow Killer

In 2005 in Lagos (Nigeria) have arrested a cow. Animal accused of killing the bus driver stopped at a roadside on small need. The cow went to his victim from behind, knocked down, and began to kick butt horns, while the man is not dead. Then the cow went on the offensive on other passers-by, but then the police arrived, and neutralize a criminal.

Mookie Monkey

Florida police planted monkey Suffering under house arrest because she has bitten two people who tried to pet her. The owner warned strangers that the animal can respond to "tenderness" in unpredictable ways, particularly when the terms scurrying cars and scare the monkey. However, to answer before the law is still necessary. House arrest lasted 30 days, until the authorities find out, if not sick Flour rabies. The owner of "criminal" was very upset, because the pangs were made all the necessary vaccinations, and even up to this point, he was exemplary monkey. In addition, because of this poor man in trouble Flour was forced to celebrate his custody 20-year anniversary.

Côte smuggler

Not so long ago in a prison in northeastern Brazil, was arrested cat. Prior to that, he was repeatedly seen by the prison authorities, but did not cause any suspicion. But one day one of the guards noticed that the animal is tied to the abdomen pouch, which turned out to be a cell phone and charger to it, a few small saber and other tools, is clearly intended to prepare for the flight. It turned out that this cat grew prisoners. During the meeting a cat picking up members of their families, and then released from prison, and the animal returned home with a "parcel».

Lorenzo - party cartel

Parrot Lorenzo was caught in a network of justice in Colombia. He was the only one of the 1700 relatives, trained drug dealers standing on a lookout and approaching police shouting in Spanish "Run, run until he was caught." However, the police recognized the trick and arrested Lorenzo directly at the crime scene, simultaneously seized 200 weapons, stolen bike and a lot of drugs. However, Lorenzo "tied" four people and two other birds.

Tramp Gosh

Macaque named Gosha bought a wealthy family from the Russian city of Biisk. Initially, Ghosh was very nice, but as an adult, became completely unmanageable and, in the end, he put out the door. After living in prosperity Ghosh was on the street, he met with the local homeless people and a few months he lived with them in an abandoned building. Then the house was raided by the police, arrested all the inhabitants, including Gosha, and all honest company was charged with vagrancy. Deport Gosha was too expensive, so it was decided to send him to the Novosibirsk Zoo.

Magic goat

This prisoner does not have a name. He was taken into custody in 2009 in Nigeria as an accomplice of robbery. Witnesses claimed that several men tried to open someone else's car. Almost all the police were able to take the place of the crime, only one escaped. When the police caught up with the fugitive, it turned out to be ... a goat. The police reflect and come to the conclusion that, apparently, unknown partner in crime with the help of magic turned into a goat to escape punishment (not far from it!). In the end, the goat was sold at an auction arranged by the police for 300 naira (or about two dollars).


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