Moscow prosecutor's office joke, if you please

Probably the funniest April Fool's joke otmochite today the deputy prosecutor of the city of Moscow, Mr. Gantsev.

He issued an order according to which the blog Alexei Navalny (all records that are out there are made as of April 2006) can not be reprinted or quoted, or even put an external hyperlink. Because it violated the conditions of house arrest imposed on Navalny decision of the Basmanny Court of 28.02.2014.

I understand that one of the recipients of prescriptions is AfRaSup - the company that owns the Living magazine. Which is already bent to the floor, blocking access Russians blog Navalny on the server side, directly in the United States (all other resources have undergone illegal blocking of the new law, Spring Meadow, filtered only on the operator side, Russia). But the city prosecutor's office really want to Learn sag further. Although it does not need to be Nostradamus to understand what could cause the success of the idea. If the log Navalny close at, he just moves on any other platform. Optionally, even on WordPress: because you can on any server to rebuild your copy engine LJ, it is an open software, free distribution which initially is not limited. Brad Fitzpatrick for this engine, and wrote 15 years ago, so people can use it on any platform without distracting the creator code system administration issues. In those days all people around Brad, were sufficiently computer literate to be able to configure and host a LiveJournal engine at the server. If Navalny will leave from the LJ, which is located at and indirectly owned by the Russian "Soup", the audience will lose not a blogger, and only the LJ. As we remember, the "internal" in the magazine subscribers today Navalny 75,516 accounts, including the dead, and abandoned his polzovatetey magazines, and bots, and virtuals. And read it while 19,789,100 people in one year from 14 March 2013 to 14 March 2014. That is, for each subscriber Navalny through frendlentu LJ 262 such accounts who LJ did not registered, even after a cross-platform authentication from other social networks . Here are some 19,789,100 people, and go from LJ to another site outside the control of the Moscow city prosecutor's office, if the magazine Navalny would not locked in Russia, as now, but erased from the servers in California. In addition Mamut with Potanin, other victims will not. But the two men and their property, like as not under arrest at all, and no judicial decision on the liquidation of their assets too offhand not recall. A closing blog Navalny - this is just the destruction of an asset. It's not just about the audience that reads his blog. Because what is the sane author wants after an accident trust your thoughts and your opponent's archive platform, ready to wipe his record for no apparent legitimate reason ?!

Separately funny Prosecution fuss about blog Navalny looks in the light of the case, which served as a pretext for house arrest. Briefly remind you that it is - it "Yves Rocher", about the shipping of the French perfume company in the city of Yaroslavl in 2008. For more information on this can be found today Leonid Volkov. How the publication of new posts, or access to the old address may impede the investigation and / or the court to investigate the matter, asked the Wolves. And the investigation will move the same text to another domain (for example, or * ?!

The prosecutor's office in your prescription does not bother to answer such difficult questions.
It just reminds us that under house arrest in Russia today is not only Navalny, and generally anyone who imagines himself to be free and considered the Constitution of the Russian Federation directly applicable law.

Custody we're all. Including what is most interesting, and our captors.
They simply have this hard labor and these galleries are located directly inside the head.
And from that hole, which they think to be sure stick out more and buckles.
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