How to learn to breathe correctly?!

A smooth heart rhythm, and good breathing is an integral part of normal body functions and overall well-being.

Without food and water man can live for a while, but without air our body can live only a few minutes.

Few people give due attention to the breath. Proper breathing – using the full lung capacity to the maximum oxygenate the body. Unfortunately, most of us are content with a superficial breathing through the chest and not paying attention to the need for internal ventilation.


        Examples of proper breathing:

       1. Abdominal breathing.

Belly breathing is incredibly helpful for women. This type of breathing will help to have a thin waist. Involving breathing belly, every woman will improve your waistline.

This breath will help the work of the heart will decrease blood pressure, naturally, does not wear out the vessels, and the heart becomes lighter.


        2. Breathing ventilate the tops of the lungs.

To ventilate the upper lungs should be exactly on the inhale lift the collarbone and shoulders. Breathe through your nose. While the thorax and lungs have to be alone.


        3.To fully ventilate their lungs, should raise arms sideways and upwards, inhale, and then lower the arms and breathe out. The tilt of the body must correspond to exhalation and the rise of breath.

Now you need to change the course of action: raising hand to do exhale, lowering

— inhale, bend – don't exhale and inhale. You will feel like you have additional ventilated, and clean all swinging light. Increases and their reserve. If you repeat it reverse breathing 10 times — you will feel improvement in mood and well being.


Let breathing be your habit.

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