8 Rules of breathing in the frost on the doctor-polar

doctor from Antarctic Expedition shared tips on how to behave properly in the cold, so as not to catch a cold. Website has allocated the most important to the winter cold to meet head-on.

Terms of breathing h3> When breathing when the air temperature is below minus 20 ° C, the most likely prospect supercooled airways and cause an inflammatory reaction.

Protection principle is simple: the inhaled air must be as warm. Therefore, the first and most popular board in all sports guides - "breathe nose».

But with temperatures below minus 20 ° C, even in calm weather sinuses are narrowed, and this advice is simply not working. The man reluctantly begins to breathe through the mouth, and a cold.

There are a few simple tricks, how to breathe correctly in the frost:

No matter how you breathe (through the nose or mouth) - Breathe slowly and smoothly as possible. The slower the air goes through the airway on a breath, the better it is heated. Try as much as possible as much as possible breathe through the nose, mouth and not. Here you work every extra breath nose. If you have to breathe all the same mouth, breathe through it as much as possible narrow crack barely of open lips. Even better, pulling his lips into a tube and lift the tongue to the palate. So breathe a lot easier and safer. It is not necessary to inhale the entire depth of the lungs. If you completely fill your lungs with air at minus 30, you can pick up the inflammation. So no need of deep breaths - better than the usual shallow breathing that you are familiar. Try not to run, do not jump, do not throw the severity and not to take any other jerky efforts. The entire exercise must be monotonic. Purely psychological limitation: no matter what happens - do not panic! The longer you keep quiet, you breathe better. The more nervous, the less heat the inhaled air. Do not breathe the wind: it will give the increase in the rate of inhalation against your will. If the wind in the face and did not collapse, then tilt your head and breathe more often "down" will already be easier. Palm, placed in front of the nose, mouth, too, will ease the situation, ceteris paribus. Roll up the scarf on his eyes and breathe through it. Cool on a warm breath and exhale back will no longer nose and lips and a scarf. And as a last advice: do not neglect ordinary insulation, especially the chest and neck. Inhalation can be cooled from the outside through open collar or zipper clothing that does not heat up and can be blown in the wind. Therefore, the scarf should be tight-fitting and warm.

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