The most dangerous age in men and women

American scientists from the medical Health Center in Texas and Finnish experts from the Central hospital of the University of Helsinki have identified the most dangerous age in the life of men and women.

In a survey of more than 1 thousand of patients aged 15 to 49 years it was found that the probability of ischemic stroke and its field of activity with age increases dramatically. In women, the most dangerous age of 30, whereas in men only after age 40.

Scientists also found that 60% of men who have had a stroke, blood observed elevated levels of cholesterol, as 44% of them smoked, and 39% mentioned high blood pressure – hypertension.
Scientists have concluded that, having reached 35 years of age, men needs to be prevention of cardiovascular diseases, to monitor pressure and cholesterol levels, in any case not to smoke.
According to scientists, older men and men of middle age have approximately equal chances of surviving a stroke.


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