Natural remedies that help to lower cholesterol

The increased cholesterol level today a very common phenomenon. With you, maybe it happened like that, when you come to a doctor for tests and they tell you what blood you have increased this figure. We explain that in fact we have in the blood accumulates excess fat and that it can be very dangerous if it clog the vein or artery. Accordingly, we need to take certain measures to reduce the level of cholesterol, but it can be done? Believe it or not, but there are a large number of herbs that can handle this challenge!

The plants, which will help us to reduce the level cholesterinic how to talk about medicinal herbs, you need to clearly realize the following: cholesterol necessary for our body, thanks to him, implemented many of the processes, new cells produces hormones for various functions etc. But then what is the problem? The thing is that usually, our harmful habits and unhealthy lifestyle lead to the fact that cholesterol in our body becomes too much (an excessive amount). And when this is so, the liver just can't cope, she is not able to bring it out of our body.

Sometimes it happens that even the people who look after their health and try to eat healthy, also demonstrated elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood, the body itself produces too much. And in that and in other case, you need treatment. We always recommend to stick with a balanced diet, regular physical exercises and follow the advice of your doctor. But if you can include in your diet the following herbal infusions, we assure you that it will only benefit. So what herbs will help to reduce cholesterol?

1. Oduvanchikami amazing in its properties, the plant is not difficult to get. Dandelion is sold in any pharmacy. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and, of course, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Want to know how it works? Dandelion helps our body to control the connection of lipids to the regulation of metabolic processes (metabolism). Thus, this is just the perfect tool. Infusion of dandelion can be drunk two times a day, morning and evening. Just brew in a Cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of this plant and drink after eating (this is important).

2. Tea made from Canary seed (the fruit of the Canary)have you Heard ever about such plants as the Canary? If not, we will tell you. The fruits are delicious and perfect to control your weight and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. According to experts, this is one of the most powerful and effective means to ensure that the cholesterol levels were within allowable values. It acts directly on the fat in our blood and promotes its elimination. How to make an infusion? Very simple: you just need to buy Canary seed (for people, as it is sold also as food for birds) and boil one tablespoon of seeds per Cup of boiling water. Then you will need to wait 10 minutes and the infusion is ready! Drink, straining out twice a day. You will like the result!

3. Green tea chesnokodavilku? You bet it is. But think about the numerous useful properties, which has garlic, because it is an excellent vasodilator, that is garlic accelerates blood circulation, promotes good blood circulation. Besides, it regulates blood pressure and has diuretic effects. And in combination with green tea you get just a "cocktail of health". To prepare it you just need to brew two cloves of raw garlic and mash them in a Cup of green tea, then allow to steep for 10-15 minutes, strain and add juice of half a lemon. To achieve the effect you want to drink this garlic tea should be on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed, so twice a day.

4. Restorepeace classic. This plant is good cares about the condition of our liver and, of course, regulates the level of cholesterol. Milk Thistle helps to eliminate fat and lipids from the body while helping to maintain proper metabolism. This is an ally which should not be neglected, it deistvitelno lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. In pharmacies milk Thistle can be found both in tablets and in portioned sachets for the preparation of infusions. Can drink twice a day, one Cup after meals. Just need to be consistent and not forget about them, otherwise the result will be.

5. "The icing on the cake" orange zest!Yes, we know, orange is a fruit and not a grass, but we could not leave it without attention, because it is very simple and really effective. According to several scientific studies conducted in the United States, orange peel contains flavonoids, which are excellent for cholesterol (for comparison, in the peel of an orange has 20% more than in the juice). So how then can you resist? You must try this tool. You need to grate the orange peel to make a one and a half tablespoons. Then brew it in a glass of water and add one teaspoon of honey. The drink will turn out delicious and perfect! Drink this infusion also better to only twice a day and also after meals. To your health! published



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