How to lower cholesterol without medication and clean vessels

Cholesterol - a substance similar to fat that our body performs several important functions - to put it simply, , we need cholesterol However, when too much cholesterol transporting protein lipoprotein stuck in the walls of the arteries with fat, calcium, etc., Forming atherosclerotic blyashki.Kakovy causes high cholesterol? Sometimes, in the case of inheritance, and sometimes - in eating too much saturated fat with a small amount of vegetables. < Website published a critical article that will help you lower cholesterol without medication.

diet to lower cholesterol
Each meal should include a serving of vegetables and / or fruit; Try to consume as much as possible wholegrains instead of processed - wild or brown rice instead of white bread made of wheat sprouted grain instead of white, oatmeal instead of instant cereals. Consumption of whole grains instead of processed may be as much as 30% lower risk of clogged arteries; Daily consume portion of legumes They not only taste good, but also have a lot of fiber, which ". associated "with the cholesterol particles in the digestive tract and removes them from the body before they have time to be absorbed; Eat nuts, seeds, oily fish, avocados and olive oil All of these. foods contain the most useful fats, which reduce low-density lipoprotein ( "bad" cholesterol) and increase high density lipoprotein ( "good" cholesterol). at elevated holesterineKazhdaya of separately presented below supplements can play a role in an overall strategy to reduce cholesterol (to produce a result only one of them is enough to make). Before taking any of the supplements need to get advice and encouragement from the doctor:

Fish oil: omega-3 fatty acids can lower triglyceride levels by 30%. Dosage: approximately 4 grams per day Spirulina:. a kind of algae, which can reduce LDL and triglycerides. Dosage: 4, 5 grams per day yeast rice extract:. This supplement contains the same ingredient that is in statins and therefore should only be taken under strict medical supervision. Dosage: 600-1200 mg 2 times a day with meals Plant sterols / stanols:. This supplement can block the absorption (uptake) cholesterol. Dosage:. 2 g per day Soluble fiber: receiving fiber can reduce cholesterol due to its "capture" in the digestive tract and subsequent elimination from the body. Dosage:. 5-10 grams per day Website I wish you health

! Source: Natural treatments for the most common medical problems, Precision Nutrition, translation Zozhnika



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