Cholesterol decrease people's ways

Colorless crystals of cholesterol is not soluble in water, and therefore from the blood they are difficult to remove. Through home methods you can try to get rid of extra cholesterol without harm to health.

Cholesterol (or cholesterol) — organic matter, elevated content of which is dangerous to health, as it can cause a number of cardiovascular diseases and lead to other serious ailments. To avoid such complications you can use not only official, but also traditional medicine.Decoctions, infusions and healthy foods to lower cholesterol

Bean. In order to normalize cholesterol values, you can use the following simple, but effective method: boiled, cooled water 0.5 tbsp. of beans (or peas) and leave until morning. Then drain the water, replacing it with fresh and add the baking soda (a little less than 1 tsp). Bring mixture to a boil over moderate heat and cook for another few minutes until tender. Consume within the day, divided into two portions. Course this means 3 weeks.

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 Flaxseed. Many doctors recommend their patients suffering from high cholesterol, add the crushed seeds of flax as food. This will reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, improve heart function and gastrointestinal tract. Buy flax seed at any pharmacy. Importantly: before you use Flaxseed, be sure to read the contraindications of this product.

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Dandelion root. Grind dry roots to the consistency of powder and take on an empty stomach: 1 tsp daily. Typically, the effect occurs after 6 months. regular use of dandelion. There are no contraindications.
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 Alfalfa. To lower cholesterol should only be used fresh grass. Last it is best to cultivate on their own (at home) and cut the leaves when they first appear. Eat raw or squeeze the juice, drink which must be at least 3 times a day for 2 tbsp.
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 Kvass from jaundice. Carefully grind the herb Erysimum, wrap the mixture in cheesecloth (forming a pouch), attach to it a small load and fill with boiled cooled water. Then add 1 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp. reduced-fat sour cream, put in a warm cool place for two weeks, while every day is necessary to stir the mixture. Ready to drink the brew daily 3 times 0.5 tbsp. half an hour before meals. As soon as the capacity of the brew is emptied, it is necessary to refill the missing amount of water with sugar (1 tsp). Course duration is 1 month.
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 Polemonium caeruleum. Pour the roots of the grass water — 1 tbsp., 300 ml. and boil on moderate fire until done (under the hood). Then, the resulting composition to cool and drain. To drink after a meal, 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day and 1 time before bedtime. Course duration is 3 weeks. Note: this healing broth is not only effectively lowers cholesterol, but also has antistressful, calming effect, lowers blood pressure and alleviates insomnia.
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 Golden mustache. Chop the leaves Golden mustache, with a length of 20 cm and pour them with hot water to 1 L. the mixture carefully wrap and leave for a day. Take tincture 3 times daily, 1 tbsp for 3 months. Store in a dark place at room temperature.


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 White Potentilla. Pour vodka (0.5 liters) 50 gr. the rhizomes of Potentilla. Insist 2 weeks in a dark place (this requires a daily shake mix). To use composition in this way: dilute 25 drops in 2 tablespoons of water and drink 20 minutes before a meal. Take 3 times a day for 1 month. Once the infusion is over, take a break for 10 days, while refilling a receptacle with 250 ml. of vodka. After a break the course is repeated, but using 50 drops daily.
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 Celery — another true helper in the fight against high cholesterol. Omit the celery stalks in boiling water for a few seconds, then removed and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Add a little sugar. The resulting mixture season with olive or sunflower oil. To use this tool every day: morning, afternoon and evening. Importantly: celery is contraindicated for people suffering from hypotension.
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 Garlic and lemon. Squeeze the juice of 24 pieces of lemon and mix with pre-chopped garlic (400 g.) to leave the resulting composition for 72 hours. Dilute 1 tsp of the mixture in 1 tbsp. of water and consume on an empty stomach. On a note: this recipe cannot be used in the presence of inflammatory processes in the pancreas, and peptic ulcer disease in the acute stage.
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 Cocktail of garlic. Mix the following ingredients in a blender until smooth: 3 cloves of garlic, 20 ml. of vinegar, olive oil and red wine. Leave the mixture for 3 hours, then divide it into 3 equal portions and drink throughout the day in equal time intervals, pre-diluted in 1 tbsp. hot water. Folk remedies from medicinal herbs to lower cholesterol

Collection № 1. Ingredients: 14 oz. Aronia chokeberry, 15 gr. hawthorn and 15 grams. the fruit of the strawberry. Thoroughly mix all ingredients. Pour 2 tbsp. l. collection of water (500 ml.) and heated for 30 minutes in a water bath, after which the mixture is cool, strain and dilute with boiled water to 500 ml. Drink 1/2 Cup 3-4 times a day.

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 Collection number 2. Composition: grass, yarrow, dandelion and couch grass, leaves and rhizomes of the Potentilla — all for 10 oz. Brewing Assembly (1 tbsp) in 250 ml. of boiling water and leave for 1 hour. Take 2/3 Cup daily on an empty stomach.
Seventy million two hundred forty seven thousand eight hundred seventeen

 The collection No. 3. Composition: 20 g. raspberry leaf and birch, 15 oz. plum blossom barbed, the aboveground part of the artichoke — 10 gr, and the same goldenrod, 5 gr. rosehips and calendula flowers. Of these ingredients, you need to make tea and take it daily — at least 5 times.
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In addition to the popular ways to lower cholesterol is very important to a healthy lifestyle, that is the exclusion of any bad habits Smoking, alcohol consumption, harmful fatty foods, etc.

Furthermore, it is not the last value in this case is overweight is fertile ground for the growth of cholesterol. It is necessary not only to move but also to actively engage in sports.




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