Anticancer diet doctor Laskin

In order to use the recommendations, it is desirable to know who you their offers. Wolf Laskin — doctor with almost half a century of experience, more than 30 years has focused exclusively on Oncology.

You can start buckwheat diet even today:

a) three times a day of porridge 1/2 Cup buckwheat;

b) not less than 8 glasses of pure water or juice diluted by half.

Cancer is that the stronger the efforts of hundreds of thousands of scientists, biochemists, doctors. Dream to find a miracle cure, aiming directly acting on a malignant tumor, so the dream remains.

Somewhere at the dawn of the last century, the man who found a cure for this sinister disease, and promised to cast a monument of pure gold. In our time, the gold goes to the production of toilets for the rich sheikhs and even the new Russian. God will judge them. But work on the search for a cure continues. The road will master going.

On one of these running our story. We begin publication anthracology about diet doctor Laskin , for two reasons. The first we know of specific people that his method was restored to life and health. Second — she can't harm anyone, on the contrary, its “side effects” to help purify and strengthen the blood vessels.

Picture this: oncologist from Moscow are invited to Obninsk to the heavy patient. The diagnosis of lymphosarcoma. Needless to see, it dozens of times already examined. Patient Vladimir Tsarev 46 years old, skinny as a teen with unnaturally big belly, like a man swallowed a watermelon. Hardly gets out of bed, a deadly diagnosis is known and therefore meets the new doctor without particular enthusiasm. A man of science, he no longer believes in miracles.

On the other hand, the patient under sentence of imminent horror of the diagnosis, are entitled to expect from a specialist at least words of hope! And visiting the doctor to speak about nutrition, it is necessary in this case, and in conclusion he drew from the portfolio of a pack of cereals. Astonished patient, not having the strength even to get up from his bed, put his hand into the inside of the package and saw on the palm of brown specks.

— Buckwheat? — asked in amazement Tsarev.

— Yes, buckwheat — responsible Laskin, has long been tired to amaze with their suspicious patients. And if you want to recover, this will be the basis of your diet for quite a long time. But I'll come back to you in exactly one week. Then we'll talk more in detail.

After a week Dr. Laskin was again in Obninsk. And although he was getting used that the effect is sometimes remarkably fast, Tsarev still surprised him that met at the door of the chamber on its own two feet, and urbozoology stomach disappeared, now a hospital gown was defiantly tied a belt that marks the waist.

I understand that, having reached this point in the article, any reader with average knowledge about human physiology, and even more familiar with how the process of cancer, will not experience any other feelings that mistrust.

With cancer can handle basic buckwheat? The same, familiar to us from childhood, which still seems to be recently (the older and even middle-aged generation remember it well) was given exclusively and only on the red dates on the calendar, and today it can be bought on every corner in any store? Yes, it can't be!

To admit, we took this new information for us with a great deal of distrust and skepticism. And though Dr. Laskin to the editor, that is, not from the street, and on the recommendation of longtime friend of the editorial Board and co-author of this unique method Belury Alexander, candidate of medical Sciences, believe in the healing three meals a day liquid buckwheat porridge, followed by fluids — at least 8 glasses per day (preferably not from the tap, since in many of our cities and towns from the taps expires on God knows what, but not Bracer), it was very easy.

It took many hours of conversations, a thorough study of the multi-page patent publications V. Laskin in the specialized press, consultations with specialists to come to the conclusion that there is no miracle, there is a deep knowledge of the body and its proportion to the supply.

But why buckwheat?

Yes, because it contains the largest amount of vegetable protein. And to suppress the cancer process, it is necessary to limit the flow to a developing tumor arachidonic acid and other fatty acids and to introduce into the body a certain amount of quercetin, which is most found in buckwheat and wild rose.

The quercetin was opened by scientists only in the late last decade of the twentieth century. When our doctor began to develop diets for cancer patients, quercetin nobody else had no idea.

Buckwheat he used because it more closely matches the amino acid composition. By the way, a famous Japanese scientist — oncologist George Ozawa in its diet take brown rice, which in those years, when he developed the diet Laskin, was not deficient, and exotic, and it can be read only in translated books.

The mention of brown rice interesting is the fact that different scientists, doctors in different countries moved in their search in one direction — to replace animal protein with vegetable. And on this basis to build an anti-cancer diet.

Do not be afraid of the scarcity of the proposed diet — porridge Yes water. This is a strict part of the diet, and in the future there will be vegetables, fruits, chicken, and fish. This set of products will be varied and you will be able to get your diet.

And again. Diet Laskin cleans the blood vessels, that is fighting against atherosclerosis by restoring the density of vessels, but because it is gracious will have an impact on those who suffer with arteriosclerosis, and those in the preventive purposes does not want to bring themselves to a critical state, heart attacks and strokes.

But first, about what is happening in the body when it overcomes illness. The word Dr. Wolfe laskino.


And healthy, and the patient must know the workings of your body... the Patient to believe in the possibility of healing, the healthy to avoid becoming sick, do not be afraid of tomorrow.

So, you have built and the cell lives, the basics of immunology, what is carcinogenic viruses and other compounds that cause cancer.

If all life in our body takes place at the cellular level, and the development of the cancer process also begins with the cell. Sheath cells are built of fat-protein compounds, on the cell surface are receptors, a kind of antenna that picks up the cell from the blood nutrients required for its activity. Sheath cells has a gate through which the necessary substances enter the cell, and the gates through which come the product and waste slag. Here is an example: the cells of the adrenal glands produce adrenaline, the cells of the stomach, the enzyme pepsin, etc.

The protoplasm of the cells contains many inclusions. Mitochondria — a kind of plant cells. They produce energy, and the fuel for them is magnesium, and products containing it, defined very simply: are plants green. When we eat vegetables, cells get energy, bowel works in the physiological mode, and the time spent in the body of food does not exceed 32 hours. In this mode of carcinogenic substances do not have time to engage in a relationship with the genetic apparatus of cells. Note that people who have a stool every 32 hours, sick with cancer of the large intestine less frequently than those who have it once in 72 hours.

Again, I'm talking about banal things, but be patient — it is useful to recall those who possess such knowledge. So, creating living matter, nature has provided unconditional reflexes, which should be the whole animal world.

But not a man.

Tired animal is sleeping, hungry, goes to get food. Rested, well-fed animal is betrayed marriage game.

Controls the whole process of the endocrine system, built on the hierarchical principle. The system is controlled from the subcortical area of the brain — the hypothalamus. It regulates the qualitative and quantitative composition of hormones in the blood.

Here are two examples.

First, the amount of glucose in the blood should fluctuate in the range of 60-120 mg. When its content is below 60, it is hunger, and the signal from the hypothalamus causes the animal and human fill the body with foods containing glucose.

Second, the amount of cholesterol in the blood is in the range of 180-240 mg. When its content is below 180, the orders from the hypothalamus to the liver. The liver synthesizes cholesterol from glucose dissolved in the blood.

Glucose and fats, including cholesterol, are energy material. When the amount of glucose and cholesterol, reaches the top standards, receives a signal from the hypothalamus to stop.

The number of blood glucose above 120 mg a person perceives as true a feeling of satiety. A reasonable person should stop eating. However, us intelligence is just not enough.

A true feeling of fullness people have time to notice if a solid piece chews slowly: 25-30 times. We usually chew two times faster and stops at a signal from the baroreceptors of the stomach, when the stomach was full of food and stretched. This is a false feeling of satiety.

Glucose has long been reached 120 mg, but glucose continues to flow. Then the hypothalamus gives the order to the pancreas (or islets of Langerhans in the pancreas) to produce insulin. Due to insulin excess glucose binds to glycogen, which is deposited in the liver in case of famine. But hunger does not occur and glycogen being converted into fat.

When the amount of cholesterol in blood is 240 mg, the liver ceases to synthesise cholesterol. We move a little, so cholesterol is not consumed as an energy material, and, alas, goes on the formation of atherosclerosis. We keep to a Mature age mobility 13-the summer teenager — the whole cholesterol would have gone in and we'd live to be a hundred. And even more.

The high content of cholesterol in the blood — the trouble of the modern sedentary and well-fed lifestyle.

The centre responsible for the amount of cholesterol, keeps its concentration does not exceed 240 mg per 100 g of blood and did not drop below 180 mg. since cholesterol is synthesized in the human body, it must come from outside with food not more than 15% of the daily amounts of fat. In adults, 85 % of the consumed amounts of fat should be vegetable oil, preferably olive. When you work on your diet, I recommend any vegetable oil. Later found out are least likely to suffer from atherosclerosis, the Spaniards, Italians, Greeks. And they only use olive oil. Now produced enough food, or no cholesterol, or low content.

Excess cholesterol in the body — the cause of atherosclerosis.

All is learned in practice: I noticed, placing women suffering from breast cancer, on a diet of buckwheat porridge, which some of them along the way and still suffering from cardiac diseases, stopped taking appropriate medication.


Cortisol, estrogen, insulin How diet to balance hormones are the mainSigns of poor circulation, which should not be ignored

Running a little forward, I note that the cause of cancer — overeating animal protein and saturated body cholesterol.published

Author: Vladimir Dobkin

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