How to keep yourself in great shape, with 12-hour working day

What to do to stay in great shape, working 12 hours a day? Their tips with the readers of shares Ilya Pozhidaev.

For anybody not a secret that 8-hour day exists in the majority of cases only on paper. In reality, with surprising frequency, you have to plow anyway, if you want to earn, to grow, and sometimes just to stay on the job and not be pushed into the street during the crisis that we have, as you know, always, everywhere and constantly.

In fact, the duration of the working day is adjusted accordingly, i.e. in the direction of increase compared to prescribed in the contract.

Needless to say that in its content the vast majority of works purely debiliziruyut and Oirat? And after work is terribly reluctant to do anything except watch TV and sleep – well, in the best case to read some "yellow" newspaper "scandals-intrigues-investigations".

The inevitable consequences of the "rest" after irregular work – stress and a lot of sores. The body is not restored, but only simulates the recovery, the work on the moral and physical deterioration in all of this continues.

Your attention is article about how to be, without exaggeration, in excellent physical and mental shape with 10 - and even 12-hour work day.

The author of this note considers itself competent in matters of time management (at least in this aspect), because working 9-10 hours a day, has additional income in the form of tutoring, is an active sportsman-rank sportsman — and even with all this time to read books and scribble notes. And, therefore, addresses recommendations to those who work more than 8 hours, but only until 12.

In respect of those who are stuck at work for 13-15 hours, the author scratched turnip and have come to the conclusion that no idea what would these poor fellows to offer, except that sleep for at least 5 hours a day. But for moderate fanatics and the unfortunates some systematic recommendations on bringing yourself up.

Recovery from the "beloved" of work consists of four basic components:

  • sleep
  • food
  • physical activity,
  • intellectual load.

To balance and organize them in different ways, and that is the key to productivity, or counterproductive.

1. Sleep

It is necessary to sleep at least 5-6 hours a day. On the weekends you can let loose and sleep 8-10 or even more hours.

But regular sleep is still not recommended, if we are talking about crazy hours, as well as the desire to get anything else other than this unfortunate working day and sleeping. Long sleep after a hellish work all, in fact, confined to bed and to work – well, lots more to some household Affairs. And besides, regular excessive sleep inevitably dampens and makes you stupid and lazy.

However, sleeping less than 5 hours is also highly undesirable: the body simply does not have time to recover and works hard, and suffer in the first place, cardiovascular and digestive system. And this is not good. But these 5-6 hours is enough to restart and complete recovery.


2. Food

Then I allow myself to move away from the stereotype of "healthy eating" and to voice the opinion that people need to eat what you wantand in the quantities in which you want. In General, without any restrictions.

Well, think about it: not only that, You work like a cunt, so also in the diet will limit yourself, and You the false and imposed stereotypes! It is necessary to You? If Your body requires from You, say, layered hamburger, not the salad leaf, you probably will have to give malicious body what he asks, otherwise he will sooner or later raise a rebellion and inevitably will assert itself — in the form of depression, apathy or in the form of a bouquet of sores.

Many reasonably argue: but if you eat what and how much you want, about any good form of the question can not be! Right. But only if a person avoids physical activity. If it loads yourself physically, then there is no need for diets, the "fasting days" and other things of the kind. About exercise to the next.


3. Physical activity

Exercise need at least 5 minutes a day — every day. If possible, and if sports bring You pleasure, do more. The main thing is to physical exertion You are not exhausted, but rather toned and give You courage to start another working day. To come to the office exhausted and with language on the shoulder after a 10-kilometer forced March, probably still not worth it. In principle, a simple charge-workout, that is the simplest exercise for flexibility and coordination (turns head, torso twists, tilts and stuff like that). If there is gunpowder in powder flasks, you can add some more advanced exercises, like push-UPS, sit-UPS, pull-UPS, jumps, crosses and the like.

Speaking of crosses... Overly extremality with cardiovascular load during a 12-hour day I would still not recommend it. Exercises, intensive cardio-vascular system, require long-term recovery, and You it simply does not and if Your schedule can not be. For an office clerk in the non-normalized graph to do a marathon and even a half marathon, Jogging, to put it mildly, quite unsafe. Force exercises (powerlifting, bodybuilding and fitness) do not carry anything except benefit and the benefits — again if you approach the question correctly and did not "explode". Remember that Your goal is to be in fighting form and not completely lose at all in any form, torn in the gym or on the treadmill.


4. Intelligent load

To clean up your emotional state is critical must be loaded brains. Well, in General, the ability to think – because it never hurts. Therefore, at least half an hour a day should be given any intelligent work – no matter what: reading clever books, solving quizzes and crosswords, solve math or any other logical problems, learning a foreign language, even just to browse news on the Internet.

Is not necessary to study the philosophy of Husserl and Heidegger (especially since You do nothing in life to lose if it does not learn), but in General to keep the brain in good shape is always nice, though sometimes annoying others.

Most importantly under this paragraph is not to demonstrate the results of their intellectual forms superiors and colleagues who, most likely, this item do not adhere.


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So, what we've got...

  • 12 hours of work,
  • 1-3 hours (from home to work and back),
  • 5-10 minutes of physical activity,
  • 30-40 minutes of intellectual exertion,
  • 5-6 hours of sleep.

Total You still, and will remain up to 5 hours (in the worst case 3 hours) — on the life and idleness.

Life is beautiful and amazing, even with "beloved" a 12-hour job! And do not whine that "no time" — all You have! Good luck, career and lot of positive! published

Author: Ilya Pozhidaev

Source: Ilya Pozhidaev


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