The stomach and the female energy: what not to do

We are taught from childhood to hold my stomach, keep it tight, to draw, but what does it lead?

For many women, the stomach is a restricted area, its drag, hide, avoid touching men because modern culture has taught the woman that the stomach should be like a man with cubes, flat, inflated, then this "beautiful".

Often the stomach area below the belly button is blocked, there's a lot of stuff here, and working with energy in this area — so much is revealed, through fear, resentment, living emotions, we come to total relaxation and deep peace!


We know little about this important area in a woman's body and often mutilate their women's health because of advertising and stereotypes. Let's understand the order of the importance of this part of our body.

Belly translated from many languages means Life, really — each of us started life in the belly of his mother. For women abdomen is not just an area on the body is a place of power, the source of its wealth and energy, the place of creation of life (just imagine it).

It is in the abdomen (area below the navel, which is where the uterus and reproductive organs) woman collects energy, its main force there. Energetically, the woman is arranged as a vessel, its main energy comes from the Earth and collects in the abdomen. Accumulated there, this energy provides the woman's body, making it feminine and strong and incredibly attractive.

If the stomach energy is enough and it flows correctly, a woman:

feminine, soft, flexible;
— sexy, attractive; - easily conceives and bears a child;
— easy birth (no injuries and subsequent extensions);
— confident in his strength and calm;
— full life, from her emanates the energy of life given by mother Earth;
— she gets the enjoyment of intimacy with people and sexual intimacy;
— she feels a connection with the elements and with nature, gets on her strength.

But these women units, 80% of women is present in different degrees of inguinal block in the body.

We are taught from childhood to hold my stomach, keep it tight, they can pull, but what it gives:

Lock energy to the higher centers;
— Inability to deeply relax;

- Clamped shallow breathing, inability to breathe through the whole body;

- Women's diseases;

Heavy periods and PMS;

The accumulation of fears and anxieties;

- Inability to receive pleasure;

- The failure of his nature;

- Stiffness, kostnost, the lack of flexibility;

- Tension pneumo — stressful life;

- Development of male characteristics.

Blocks in the abdominal area are formed for several reasons.

Chief among them is the relationship with the mother. Initially, we were connected with the mother through the stomach, through the umbilical cord. He mom we got all the emotions, all the information about the world.

If mom was scared the whole pregnancy, if she was not ready to the child — the child is likely to be a failure; unable to enjoy and to rejoice, because the main people in his life did not allow him.

It is from mothers are born with many fears, complexes and blocks, and many women from birth are too constrained.But mom we also can get maximum enjoyment and total acceptance of oneself. It is the source of life and her stomach is the source of wealth.

If the mother during pregnancy was joyful, happy, expecting a baby, glad to have him, if she was protecting his child is born confident, with the adoption of its nature and initially very relaxed.

So, anyway, the mother the person with whom you want to work on yourself. Take mom and take your belly (his life and his nature) is love yourself!

And it will be perfect to work out exactly intrauterine life, play music relaxed, imagine yourself in the belly of his mother, that you are bound by the umbilical cord, you are one and indissoluble, can you hear her heart and it was the nicest music for your soul.

You need to see how mom is happy You like waiting for (even if it was not). Meditate on the cord, to the profound link of your bodies, your lives.

Accept that you are one. Breathe in one clock cycle, exist together. She loves you and protects You. It feeds Your life. Mom...
Breathe and feel the connection. You may want to cry, it's okay, you need to cry so leave the fears and revived intimacy.

This meditation need to do until then, until full acceptance of the fact that You are a child your mother that You are her flesh and blood, part of it. This will not only deepen relationships, but will also bring peace and relaxation.

Also often the inguinal block is formed from traumatic sexual experience, the woman clamped and no longer wants to keep the man, even sometimes in marriage, she just holds it and waits for sexual intimacy will end.

You can rewrite the script this regard. First you need to write on paper the trauma to write about it until there will be words. And then to burn everything. And mentally visualize the second image, the closeness, more pleasant, relaxed.

Well her husband to the following practices

The woman lies down and relaxes, closes his eyes, and my husband just pats her on the belly clockwise, sometimes just clicks, then again, just gently. Iron is needed specifically for the stomach area which is closer to the groin.

In tantric sexual practices a woman is prepared to reach through abdominal massage. First, doing breathing practices, body massage, massage of the abdomen in the groin area, and then there is the proximity in which a woman can experience not only the Divine pleasure, but also deep orgasm.

One master has worked with a frigid woman for 35 years of his life have never experienced orgasm and pleasure from intimacy.

He taught her husband to do a belly massage and a few sessions of this massage woman for the first time felt not only a deep trust relationship with your spouse but also the enjoyment of intimacy and orgasm.

It is necessary to warn that in the abdomen accumulate a huge amount of emotions, both good and negative, and to reach the pleasant sensations, you will need to release all the negative that accumulated there.Usually at the first massage of the abdomen facing fears through her tears, the contraction of muscles.

Fears keep us in suspense, not letting us relax. Therefore, the first step You release your fears, poradame, and then there will be peace and bliss.

When abdominal massage is clamped is released a lot of energy and You can feel the excitement. This is normal.

The following is the cause of stiffness in the abdomen is intense fear and heavy emotional state: loss of loved ones, conflict relations in the family, serious disappointments in life, a long pent up rage, anger, stress, threat to life.

It builds up in the abdomen. They can live through the practice of letters, holotropic breathing, Vivan.

The woman needs to learn to relax your belly, take it for what it is

Easy pregnancy and childbirth.

Many women injured in childbirth due to the strain in the belly and hips. In childbirth it is important to relax the belly and all the internal organs, to way for a child to be revealed as widely as possible and so it was easy to pass.

If the mother rocked the press, but was not involved in stretch — there is a big risk of injury and stretch marks.

The correct flow of energy.

When the stomach relaxed energy freely rises up, providing all the woman's body, nourish all the energy centers.

That is why in many traditions women wore loose clothing in Russia sundress, India — Sari, in Asia, a wide skirt-pants and tunics. In such clothes energy is not only readily enters the body and is enhanced by the dome shape at the feet.

Deep breath.

Now most women breathe on the surface of the lungs, breathing is not deep and it does not supply the body with oxygen fully.

If the woman's stomach relaxed, she could breathe the stomach through the entire body. This type of breathing calms, soothes, brings thoughts in order, rejuvenates and leads to the movement of energy in the body brings movement, grace, smoothness, fluidity.

Sexuality and attractiveness.

A soft belly is very sexy for men (remember the painting the Birth of Venus), because the woman is a symbol of gentleness, tenderness, and obedient.

Strong men like soft women, not only in character but also in appearance. After all, the external reflects the internal.

If Your man insists that You had an inflated belly with cubes, so he likes strong manly women, and what he wants from You or leading role and equal responsibility, or he's too vulnerable to influence of advertising.

Not need to react to it. You need to accept yourself and then You will make others.

A soft belly is not meant to be complete, even the skinny girl can have a relaxed soft belly, he looks very feminine, with graceful curves. It's beautiful, sexy, feminine.

More relaxed, the stomach can make Eastern belly dancing, it is a good lesson for women that will help you to feel more attractive, feminine, enchantress. They also help to relieve inguinal blocks and clamps. Note that this is belly dance, not a game of muscle ;)

What not to do?

- Adversely pierced belly. It blocks the energy in the lower centers, leaves de-energized the upper chakras;
— Unfavorable to wear clothes opens the groin area. In this area a lot of sexual energy and if a woman shows all her, then she is quickly exhausted.
— Unfavorable to wear slimming clothes, she creates tension in the body and the energy moves in the body of male type, forming men's character.

The belly is the symbol of life, how You treat him, how you are going to feel it — and so will Your life! published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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