The female body: from these standards we have in mind?

Let's talk about our body and about the myths that we have in relation to the body is. And now I would like to dwell only on one part of the female body, which often causes many women experience. Especially those who have fathered her child – or several children. It is the stomach.

This problem is familiar to many, though not all. According to my observations, there are two kinds of women – those with the roundness of the body is not very pronounced, and those who have they are very clear, the first category quite easily retains a slim figure, belly after birth, they are also quite fast comes in more or less shape.

The second category is more complicated. They need for harmony and the power to control, and play sports. And still the stomach – is not the same. Not flat, rounded. And even if not hanging, but just a little sticking out is annoying. Including because all the time asking if you're pregnant. And because clothing is such that the stomach can not hide no — low waist jeans, tight tops, short shirts.

And these girls suffer. Someone is trying to do something – sit-UPS (very actively) trying to reach cubes, don't eat the other third is starving. Someone stops even trying to do something and just quietly hates his stomach.

My article is more for these girls because I'm with my stomach too long could not find common language. We are with him and the press was rocked by 100-200-300 times, and the worst massages were doing and the diet I was holding it. And not only after the birth – even before. His 'bulge' irritated me considerably.

So, I'm in India for the third time. Often talk to an Indian woman about this and that. See. So, I noticed that Indian women are no flat stomachs. In General, no one. Even the young girls he stands. Not too much, and in a natural way. We would have thought that each little pregnant – even in 15 years. But no.

And here is the norm. I'm a girl, shyly asked: "Why? Why don't you have flat bellies? And why you even do that?"
And she was so surprised: "they Say, but otherwise, that is somehow different?"
I explained to her about the plane belly, cubes, press. Everything that we have advocated. All that is beautiful and correct. About what you need doing crunches, the fat drive.
And she told me so sincerely: "how, then, to give birth to children? The bodies will grow to each other?"

When I posted this conversation on instagram, who at once reproached the girl that she was stupid and not educated. They say, knows nothing of anatomy. And I just remembered another story.

One girl from Russia, a long time ago, talked about the same thing. She came already pregnant to a gynecologist. Taut, flat stomach. And complains that his stomach hurts very much. Well, you never know. And the doctor to her so calmly, casually, without looking up: "Well, your torn adhesions. Abs shrink your uterus, preventing it to grow." And what are adhesions? It is precisely the unplanned nature prirastanie different tissues to each other. Here you have an illiterate Indian girl.

Adhesions are formed now many. The official reasons including infection and surgery. But I have repeatedly from different doctors heard that women adhesions are formed and the burning need of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen.

Belly fat need women. Although it sounds terrible, isn't it? But need, not excess, of course. Healthy fat tissue. In small quantities, but necessary. Your uterus could remain mobile – swell and shrink, depending on the cycle. She remained free. That woman remained healthy and able to birth children (this still is an indicator of women's health, whatever was said).

Then a similar conversation I had with an Ayurvedic doctor. I showed him the stomach, which we considered to be beautiful, and he gives me lists of diseases that are likely to be these women. And almost every time was infertility or problems with pregnancy. He showed me how the stomach should be according to Ayurveda for those women who by nature of roundness is given. And again – slightly bulging tummy. Even those who have no curves, moving belly is a sign of women's health.

I'd be interested in. I went to see "ideals" of beauty over the past few hundred years. So. Never in history have women not had a flat stomach and cubes on it. Never. View any artwork, murals, sculptures, paintings – there is always place for a beautiful belly. He's always a little bit rounded. Now would say — a little bit pregnant. In many verses praises not only the roundness of the thighs, chest, and abdomen. And here we have this bias.

And belly was always moving, he was alive. She breathed. What a mess, huh? He pouted and was blown away! He was relaxed. And this is the best prevention of women's diseases. Belly breathing provides pelvic organs by the blood, supports healthy. It's like an internal massage for the most needed places. Depending on the day of the cycle of the stomach may be slightly more or slightly less – and that's fine. And it was really beautiful. I was looking at some of the masterpieces fading. I've never seen the female figure here. How it is perfect in its seeming imperfection.

Returning to the conversation with the Indian. She said to me: "It's ugly and unnatural when on belly cubes"

And I think — and really, where such standards we have in mind? After all, a little rounded female abdomen is beautiful, especially in combination with other curves.

Where we have such ideals? Who are we, these values have slipped, but so skillfully that we have swallowed and believe? One of the versions that exist, is the influence of fashion, which is created by men homosexual. Talked about this in particular, and Coco Chanel. Men who do not understand the female body and are unable to love him, trying to turn women into boys, disfiguring a woman's beauty.

Really, if you look at models, many of them just like that. Without female bulges, broad shoulders, narrow hips, flat stomachs. Even walk – not from the hip, as it is natural for women, and the uptight, straight, boldly and men. And women, ordinary women, who have everything in place — such clothing only disfigures and makes you feel ugly. Fit under the templates that are in fashion magazines, which are there direct men gay.

Then whom do we believe? And why? Those who never women I didn't love and didn't know? Do we want to become men? A perfectly flat stomach with cubes is the male version. They have really rounded this place only from Lenno lifestyle and plenty of food. They don't need mobility in this area, children they, too, not to bear, and the breath of them both. If we want to be women then why we are committed to the plane and the cubes? Why download press, just coming from the hospital? Why on your belly bullied and tortured him, raped? But "belly" in Russian language means "life."

The stomach is really life. The life it is born, grows, and so man comes into this world. The stomach of a healthy woman is always alive – breathing, moving, changing shape and size depending on the day of the cycle. And Yes, one of the sexiest dances not pole dance and belly dance. A dance in which the stomach is free to move.

Of course, you can stick to bend and to grow the belly to the knees. They say, and so very even. And why bother if a flat stomach is the destiny of men? We have two extremes in this matter — cubes or huge hanging fold. But neither that, nor another — is not beautiful and feminine. And they are both skewed, incorrect understanding of female beauty, following the wrong course.

Do you think that men like your cubes? Personally I have often heard from various men that a super-flat stomach women is not encouraging. As is the same huge crease.

This is a reason to stop forcing it and to chase it is not clear for what. It is an occasion to rethink their ideals in relation to the body. This is a reason to strive for a healthy female beauty – and all three are important components: beauty, health and femininity.

Oh, and for your body to monitor costs. Eat healthy, live an active life. Relax your favorite midsection. To live an active life, not to spend all your time in one place. Muscles are best strengthened when you move. And yet – thanks. Including your favorite stomach. Thank him for the fact that it gives you the opportunity to know the joys of motherhood. And take all of her body as it was given to you from above.

And the best tummy after all that where someone lives. published


Author: Olga Valyaeva


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©


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