Exercise for the health of the pancreas

Along with medicinal treatment and diet in diseases of the pancreas is necessary to carry out physiotherapy. For example, inductothermy and microwaves are ultra high frequency, magnetic therapy possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spastic effects. Treatment in remission. It is also useful to take medical and special gymnastics.

To prevent seals and fibroids pancreas useful Jogging at least 20 min a day (if no contraindications), as well as physiotherapy, rubbing and kneading of the abdomen in a clockwise direction (to food).

To improve the activity of the pancreas you need to massage the area of its location and the adjacent areas of the abdominal cavity. With the help of massage and special exercises to improve blood circulation in this area and the outflow of digestive juices from the pancreas and liver, reduces inflammation, swelling and congestion associated with chronic pancreatitis.

Exercises should be performed several times a day in any position – lying, sitting or standing. Start with 3-4 repetitions, gradually increasing the load, increasing the number of repetitions to 9 times. It is necessary to listen to yourself: in the course of employment shall not be tested for fatigue and pain.

Exercise one.

Inhale, exhale and hold breath. During the respiratory pause, gently, but strongly enough to pull the stomach, count to three, and then relax the abdominal muscles.

Exercise the second.

Inhale, exhale and hold breath. During the respiratory pause as much as possible inflate the abdomen, count to three and relax your muscles involved in this movement.

Exercise third.

Start to inhale and, approximately in the middle of it, hold breath for 1-2 seconds. (when the diaphragm contracts and flattens), then continue to inhale, as if directing the air into the stomach and slightly bulging abdominal wall. At the end of the breath again to stop, count to three, inflating the stomach, and then quickly relax the muscles and continue to count to six, slowly retracting the abdominal wall. Exhale and relax the abdominal muscles.

Exercise the fourth.

Simultaneously with exhalation strongly pull the stomach. Holding your breath for a few seconds, to relax the abdominal muscles. Actively inflate the abdomen on the inhale and re-draw it on the exhale.

Eastern variant of respiratory gymnastics

It is a system of breathing exercises of yoga (pranayama) aimed to accumulate the body with vital energy extracted from the air.

The abdominal (lower) respiration.

Sit up straight on the floor cross-legged (head, neck and back must be on one line), get on the floor or stand up. Before you take a breath, exhale the air from his lungs, plunging the belly (diaphragm goes up). Then slowly inhale air through the nose, inflating the belly (the diaphragm drops down), without moving the chest and hands. The lower part of the lungs is filled with air.

When you inhale the stomach goes inward and the diaphragm rises, the air exhaled from the lower lobes of the lungs. With such a breath is only the diaphragm, while the ribs and intercostal muscles remain stationary. For easy and quick absorption of this exercise, it's recommended to put your palms on the stomach to help with the sense of touch to follow the rise and fall of the abdominal wall.

Yoga exercises

Exercise the first (of Bhujangasana).

Lie on the floor face down, palms put on the floor at chest level. Leaning on hands, lift upper body, bend at the waist and tilt your head back. To return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

The exercise is aimed at elimination of diseases of organs located in the abdominal cavity, and also to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, chest, neck and hands.

Exercise the second (dhanurasana).

Lie on stomach, legs bent at the knees, grab hold of your ankles and pull them up so that the hands are straightened, the back caved in, and his stomach tensed. At first the knees should be placed. After a while, as trained, to perform this exercise with the United tribes. In the process of exercises to do 4-6 swings. Over time, the stomach will be tightened.

The exercise is aimed at elimination of diseases of the digestive system and shortcomings in the development of the spine.

The third exercise (prosta valita hanumaan).

Stand straight with joining your feet together. Set aside the left leg as far forward as possible, bending your knee. The right leg remains straight. Raise the arms with folded hands above the head, to put them back. Then lower your hands down, touching the floor and turn body to the left. Repeat the same movements, but in the opposite direction.

Exercise causes severe tension of all muscles of the body, strengthens the waist and helps in the healing of organs located in the abdominal cavity and chest.published


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