Vipassana meditation.

Vipassana - a meditation technique that made enlightened more people than any other, because vipassana - is the very essence. In all other technique has the same essence, but in other forms; they include and something immaterial. But vipassana - is pure essence. There's nothing you can throw it out and nothing added to it.
Vipassana is so simple that it can perform even a child. Moreover, the child she will manage better than you, because he is pure and innocent and is not filled with the dregs of the mind.
Vipassana can be done in three ways - you can choose a one that suits you best.
The first method: the awareness of his actions, his body, mind, heart. Taking a walk, you should walk with awareness. By moving the hand, move it with awareness, knowing that you move your hand. After all, you can do it quite unconsciously, as a mechanical device ... You are on a morning walk - you can walk without being aware of their feet.
Be alert to the movements of his body. When you eat, pay attention to the movements necessary for food. Taking a shower, be alert to the coolness, to the incident on you water to flow from that great joy - just beware. This should not happen in a state of unconsciousness.
The same goes for the mind. Whatever the idea or ran across the screen of your mind, stay observer. Whatever emotion or ran across the screen of your heart, remain a witness - do not get involved, do not get identified, do not evaluate what is good and what is bad; it should not be part of your meditation.
The second method: breathing, breath awareness. When you inhale, your belly rises and when exhaling - falls. Therefore, the second way of doing vipassana - is aware of his stomach, his lifting and lowering. Just be aware raise and lower stomach, and the stomach is very close to the life sources because the child is connected to mother's life through the navel. Behind the navel is the source of his life. So when the belly rises and falls, then with each breath rise and fall of the life energy, the source of life. This is not difficult, and perhaps even better, because it is a separate technique.
In the first method, you must be aware of the body, be aware of the mind, aware of their emotions and mood. Therefore, the first method involves three steps. In the second method, only one step: just the belly - rises and falls, and the result is the same. As you become aware of your belly, the mind becomes silent, the heart calms down emotions disappear.
A third method is to breath awareness where it enters the body. Feel it at this point - in the polar stomach point - to feel it as it passes through the nostrils. Breath, getting inside cools your nostrils. Then comes out ... goes inside, comes out.
It is also possible. Men are given it easier than women. The woman is more aware of her stomach. Most men do not know how to breathe stomach. Their chest rises up and falls down, because the world has prevailed wrong
a variety of sports. Of course, if your chest is lifted up, and the stomach is reduced almost to nothing, it gives your body more beautiful outline.
The man went to the breath-feeding, so his chest is getting bigger, and the stomach is reduced. It seems that it is more athletically.
Everywhere in the world, except Japan, the athletes and their coaches stress that the need to breathe, expanding the chest and pulling in his stomach. Their ideal is the lion with a big chest and a small belly. "Be like a lion!" - For athletes, gymnasts and everyone who works with the body, became the rule.
The only exception is Japan, which do not care about a broad chest and stomach retracted. Retraction of the abdomen requires a certain discipline; retraction of the abdomen unnatural. Japan has chosen the natural way, so Japanese Buddha statue may surprise you. Thus, you can easily determine the Indian statue in front of you, or Japanese. The Indian statues of Gautam Buddha very athletic body: the stomach is very small and the chest is broad. Japanese Buddha is entirely different: his chest is almost idle because he is breathing the stomach, but a large belly. It does not look very nice - because the prevailing ideal of the world's small stomach is very old; nevertheless abdominal breathing more natural, it can be better to relax.
At night, when you sleep, you do not breathe chest and abdomen. That's why at night you manage to relax. In the morning, after a dream, you feel fresher and look younger, because the whole night you were breathing naturally ... you were in Japan!
It is two points if you are afraid that the abdominal breathing and close observation of the way it rises and falls, disturb your athletic form ... A man may be very concerned about his athletic form, then you'd better focus
his observations on the nostrils. The breath comes in - watch, breathing out - watch.
These three process can use any of them. If you want to perform two ways at once, you can do it, your effort will become more intense. If you want to run just three ways you can do this and, in this case, the probability of success will increase. You decide which way you will select; choose the one that is easier for you.
Remember: what is easier - correct.
When meditation will find the roots, and the mind is silenced - your ego will disappear. You will remain, but no sense of "I" will not. So the door is open.
Now, with a thirst for love, wait with open hearts this great moment - the greatest moment in the life of any person: wait for enlightenment.
It will come ... It will certainly come. It has never delayed for a single moment. Once you've set the correct wave, it suddenly burst into you and transform you.
The old man died, the new has come.
Look for a comfortable position in which to be vigilant for 40 to 60 minutes. The back and head straight, eyes closed, breathing is normal. Try not to move, change position only if it is really necessary.
The main thing while sitting - to see how the point just above the navel and out breath raises and lowers the stomach. It is not a concentration technique, so while observing the breath will distract your attention various extraneous things. But vipassana nothing can be a nuisance, so when there is any obstacle, stop watch
breath and pay attention to her, and then again back to the breath. Interference can be thought, feeling, judgment, physical sensation, the impression from the outside world, and so on. D.
What is important is the process of observing, and what you see, is not so important, because remember: do not identify with everything that comes to you; Questions and problems can be seen ordinances that bring you pleasure!
Walking by the method of Vipassana.
This is a common slow walking, which is based - awareness feet touching the ground.
You can walk in a circle or a straight line for 10-15 paces back and forth, inside or outside the premises. Eyes should be lowered, looking at the ground a few steps ahead. During the walk attention should be directed at the way each foot touches the ground turns. If there is any interference, switch your attention down to the interference, and then to his feet.
The same technique as in the seat, only the object of observation is different. Walking should be 20-30 minutes.


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