4 breathing exercises for healing the whole body

Belly breathing

1. To sit cross-legged and relaxing the knees, allowing them to open up.

The back is straight. Head neck and spine in one line.

Two hands lie on your stomach, eyes closed.

4 on account of the slow breath through the nose, stomach, and ribs exposed, chest and shoulders can be slightly raised up.


2. 4 on account of the slow exhale. The abdomen is retracted, the chest and ribs to relax.

Repeat the exercise as much as you need. While it is a pleasure.

The recommended number of 10 times.

The expansion and relaxation of the stomach creates a feeling of tranquility.


Cat stretching


1. Sit on the floor, the hands rest behind the back, fingers pointing backwards.

Knees bent and apart, feet together.

Breath slow on 4 accounts, the chest top, the back is straightened.


2. 4 on account of the slow exhalation, the navel is retracted, and the chin drawn to his chest, and the shoulders are rounded and head slightly forward.




1. Lie on your back, legs straight and hands lying relaxed along the body.

4 account slow breath + socks, pull + pull hands on the floor behind the head, as far as possible. During the movement of the lower back off the floor.


2. Exhale for 4 accounts, slowly relaxing and returning the hand to its original position.

To repeat the exercises as much as you need. While it is a pleasure.

Recommended in the literature, the number – 10 times.

Result. The feeling of mental clarity in the morning, if you do the exercises before going to bed; or the transformation of the flow of thoughts in a clear and precise plan when to do exercise during the day.

Difficulties. It was hard for me to believe that it works. When I do crunches or lift the barbell, you clearly understand what the problem and why are you going this way. Breathe – this is of course, I studied it for a long time and now I think I know how it is always. Breathe naturally and it's really not that hard, and I love when it's hard.

I decided this for myself, calling the process a creative task: "we Need to check whether it makes sense." Answer: "the Meaning of this is".


Breathing exercises Strelnikova


In gymnastics the focus is on the breath. Breath is very short, instantly, emotionally and actively. On the exhale, absolutely not to think. Exhale spontaneously.

The warm-up.

To make is short, such as injection, breathing loudly, sniffing.

Nose wings must connect at the moment of breath, not to expand.

Breaths should be 2, 4, 6 etc in a row at the pace of walking steps.

1 step on the spot – 1 breath. Right – left, right – left, inhale, inhale, inhale inhale. And not exhale – inhale, as in a conventional gym.

Exhale out spontaneously, but it is better through the mouth than nose.

The breath should be as short as a shot (at first I trained breath in front of the mirror to see a nose job).

Strelnikova recommended to take 100 breaths, I'm doing 5-10 minutes without counting breaths.

Result. The state, after a pleasant walk in the Park, or 2 hours of good healthy sleep. published


Author: Anna Shcherbinina


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Source: nkozlov.ru/distance/s201/d2379/#.V-lYPIiLTIW


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