10 scientific serials, which will raise your intellectual level

We all love sometimes is meaningless, but certainly addictive pastime, like watching a TV series. But there are instances of this cinematic genre, time which is not wasted.

We offer you a list of 10 famous and entertaining scientific cycles, which will provide information about the vast and mysterious world in which we live.

Secrets of the soul: the Archetype. A neurosis. Libido.


This documentary series of 18 episodes devoted to the known scientist working in the field of psychoanalysis, the mad genius and the phenomena of psychiatry. In the TV series presents a very interesting explanation of the mysteries of the human soul and the keys to the human psyche. For example, you can read clues of the phenomena of 24 personality Billy Milligan, supernatural worlds and dreams, as well as to watch interesting psychological experiments in the history of mankind.

Brain. The mysteries of consciousness

The Brain. A Secret History (2010)

This cycle BBC will reveal secrets of the secrets of our mind. Here you can see why in certain situations we perform some action; what really moves us and how our minds; is it possible to control your thoughts and manage other people.

The power of artSimon Schama's Power of Art (2006)

British art historian Simon schama has created The Power of Art as a series of 8 documentaries, each devoted to a single masterpiece of 8 brilliant artists. But this is entirely reminiscent of the tedious walk to the museums: the series is a very exciting and realistic. Moments with the lead followed the historical plans and fully immerse the viewer in a certain era. In the end, we see an incredibly informative series, which definitely would be worth to show in schools.

Through space and time with Morgan FreemanThrough the Wormhole (TV series 2010 — ...)

The series, hosted by the Morgan Freeman, already destined for success. Each series is a kind of insight into the Universe in search of answers to the deepest mysteries of existence the questions that have always puzzled mankind. And a huge number of interviews, interesting examples and theories, trying to debunk the teachings of Einstein, and draw to the screen.

Into the Universe with Stephen HawkingInto the Universe with Stephen Hawking (2010 — ...)

When it comes to space, it is impossible not to reckon with the opinion of Stephen Hawking. In the TV series the genius gives answers to many mysteries of the Universe, explains the existence of alien life and how we can cheat time. Even if you've never been interested in astronomy, after watching the series it's impossible not to fall in love with the Universe and not want to unravel its mysteries. If possible, it is better to watch the film in the original, as it is voiced by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch.

Lost worldsLost Worlds (2006-2007)

Documentary film series "lost worlds" explores the many mysteries and secrets of world history: from the secrets of ancient Egypt to the nuclear bunkers of the 1950s, the history of the amazing temples to the missing civilizations. An interesting evening is assured.

The supersizers go ... ...The Supersizers Go... (2007-2009)

Famous food critic and a comedienne in each new issue are sent to staged historical period in Britain and only eat those dishes that was made there in those days. After each experiment, the participants undergo examination and get the medical report of condition. To observe cooking and eating crazy food (like sheep's head, cake with frogs, ragout of 15 varieties of meat pies are 30 inches tall) are somehow very exciting.

Food factoryFood Factory (2012)

Entertaining cycle of programs "Food factory" will talk about how the reality is made of our favorite products: will show what lies behind the manufacturing plants, what are the ingredients and the secrets are the masters of culinary Affairs. Do not watch on an empty stomach!

Disappearance!Stardust Lost In The Andes (1995-1996)

A documentary film dedicated to the events of the past that cause issues not already have a single generation. Each episode tells us about the mysterious incident: seemingly inexplicable disappearance of persons, scientific expeditions, and ships. In the episodes used rare documentary footage and previously unknown documents.

Black mirrorBlack Mirror (2011 — ...)

The last and only feature series in our collection. This film will make you think about modern technology: can lead, lead or led "black mirror". It is in every home, on every Desk, in every palm — a plasma TV, computer monitor and smartphone display. The real utopia of the XXI century. Recommended viewing.published


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