Interesting facts about the Bermuda triangle


It is considered that the Bermuda triangle is a small area, which is located in the Atlantic ocean, which if it were to happen disappearance is shrouded in mystery, sea and air layers. There are even limit lines, from Florida to the Bermuda hulks, then to Puerto Rico then back to Florida through the Bahamas.

Ocean-going mysteries have intrigued people of all ages. There are plenty of cards on which are depicted various monsters. Remember even legends that tell us about the Kraken. As if time has not changed, and no matter how evolved a civilization, some mysteries still remain unsolved. A good example is the Bermuda triangle, which for many brings fear. The brightest minds try to explain mysterious phenomena and disappearances that occur in the area. As already known, scientists are not too successful in this matter.

Why the triangle?If you believe the existing theory of the Bermuda triangle, the territory itself as such clear boundaries is not. Scientists believe that the upper point of this inexplicable phenomenon is: Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. Although statistics says that most of the anomalies occur outside the conventional zone. Very close, but not in it. People who study, in its sole discretion to change its guidelines. It should be noted that the name Bermuda triangle came into use not so long ago, in the 50-ies. Only with the latest technology, scientists were able to monitor various abnormal incidents that occur in the area. However, no technique is not able to explain why planes and ships in one second disappear from all radars and monitors.

Various events that occurred in this anomalous zone.For the area of the Bermuda triangle in 1945, established surveillance. In the project participated as rescuers and experts and scientists. It is through this command that have been saved 140 thousand human lives. It seems that the mystery will be revealed. But not so simple. All that was known to scientists, but more put them in a deadlock. Since, as a triangle set in this area disappeared more than 100 pieces of equipment, both water and air. They just disappeared, leaving no trace. Not been found nor the characteristic oil stains, no debris, nothing. The bottom is in the Bermuda triangle examined completely, every inch, but to find something and failed. So as it was not found and passengers, the Bermuda triangle is nicknamed the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

What is the purpose of finding scientists in the Bermuda triangle?As you know, scientists seriously interested in the Bermuda triangle. They examined not only the bottom of the ocean, but thoroughly studied and minerals, as well as the topography of the bottom. They even examined all weather conditions, and the effect of water within the atmosphere. During the study, scientists were able to discover new things, but these discoveries are not step brought them closer to the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. They never could understand why ships and planes with people on Board simply disappear, by chance, they find themselves in this area. The only thing that could prove the scientists is the fact that the Bermuda triangle is a unique part of the ocean, which has a unique, previously unseen properties and conditions. However, this does not explain all the tragedies that have happened here.

What is the mysterious pyramid in the center of the Bermuda triangle?To be fair, it should be noted that one important discovery, scientists still managed to do. Not silent about it, but massive and wide publicity is not given. American scientists in 1992, conducted DNA analysis on the area of the Bermuda triangle. In its center was discovered great pyramid. Interesting fact: its size is almost three times exceeded the size of the pyramid of Cheops. In order to fully investigate, the researchers needed more than a month. The pyramid was not only incredible in size, but had a very smooth surface. The signals reflected from the object, and found that the material from which this huge pyramid made, has a perfectly smooth condition. Neither one shell and not one weed on her was not fixed. Scientists generally failed to find anything that would indicate that pyramid to be deep under water. People who immediately saw the pyramid claim that the material from which it is made, very similar to glass or ceramics, and polished. Have not found the same, and no divisions into blocks. As far as we know, no official records of the pyramids located at the bottom of the Bermuda triangle was not held. Perhaps they were classified.

Perhaps the legacy of the Atlanteans?Let us first recall the legends that the inhabitants of Atlantis, in his time, has created a repository of knowledge before the death of the mainland. These depots are still under the temple, Potala, Tibet, and under the great pyramid of Cheops, Egypt. Scientists have suggested that the Bermuda triangle to be the sunken continent of Atlantis. However, this theory is no confirmation not received. Today, near the coast of Puerto Rico people often notice various objects, luminous and flying. It is worth noting that of the Bermuda triangle researchers have noticed that the unidentified objects flew right out of the depths of the ocean, and flew in zigzag motions.

Mysteries.Many are convinced that all the secret sooner or later becomes clear. To date, the most important question of the scientists: "what conceals the phenomenon of the Bermuda triangle?". The answer is we don't know. We just have to wait and watch for some amazing events that are happening in the area. Generally pleasant such events do not happen. And at the moment the Bermuda triangle equally frightens and attracts scientists and researchers from around the world.




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