10 most popular theories to explain the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle (11 photos)

Over the years, various theories to explain the mysterious disappearances in the triangle between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, have accumulated a huge amount - from the most idiotic to quite reasonable.

1. Comet

According to this version of 11 000 years ago on the bottom of the ocean has fallen comet - just at the point where now there is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Heavenly body might well have unusual electromagnetic properties capable of disabling navigational equipment and aircraft engines.

2. Pirates

Pirates did hundreds of years kept at bay sailors traveling through the region about the Atlantic - to the north of the Caribbean islands. This version would be one of the most plausible, but it does not explain the story of the disappearance of the aircraft.

3. Methane Hydrate

Deep beneath the surface of the Bermuda triangle formed huge bubbles filled with methane hydrate. When such a bubble "matures" and rises to the surface of the water formed a giant hill, from which the ship "slips." Then the bubble bursts, it forms a funnel, which is drawn into the vessel. With the aircraft even easier - a bubble of gas rises into the air, in contact with hot engine and an explosion occurs.

4. "Funnels time»


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