The pyramid at the bottom of the Bermuda triangle

The world ocean carries a lot closed to human secrets that for hundreds of years also remain under the veil of the unknown. Among the first – riddles of the Bermuda triangle is a mysterious region of the Western Atlantic, which is now at least a century is depicted in myths and legends.

The Bermuda triangle has a reputation of sinister fame of the district. Scientists have long fought over its mysteries, are constantly under the intelligence and issledovatelskoe working and now finally have the first results – a sensational discovery was made by canadian researchers at the bottom of the sea in the Bermuda triangle they found an ancient sunken city.

According to scientists, they examined the photographs of the ocean bottom in this area, four pyramids, one of which is made entirely of glass, on the walls of buildings visible engraved inscription. According to scientists, the city resembles the city of the ancient Latin American cultures, particularly the culture of the lost civilization Teotiukan that existed on the territory of modern Mexico. It is expected that the sunken city was built two and a half thousand years ago.

Canadian researchers have concluded that it is unknown what it found, however, it is clear that nature could not create such structures with symmetric architecture.

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