Top 11 foods that burn fat



If your goal is to get rid of the hated fat, you should eat more. Yes, you heard right. It is really so. However, there is one "but". You can even eat the "good, proper" food.


Such foods will give the body the saturation, not adding inches to the waist. Because if you are starving, the metabolism slows down, is not running at full power and burns less calories than we would like.

After you take a light meal, your body will start to expend energy to digest it. Naturally it is not necessary to eat food with too large amount of calories.

Eat food, which is itself a reduced calorie and digestion which spend more energy. It can be watermelon, carrots or apples. It is also necessary to know that a lot of fat is consumed in the digestion of foods high in protein, with omega-3 fats.

Let's look at what products should I use first:

Salmon fillet
The meat of this fish, the most useful and tasty. It contains protein and omega-3 fatty acids that speeds up your metabolism and burn enough calories. In addition, salmon is still very good for the heart and cardiovascular system.

Turkey meat
Turkey is also rich in protein, needs longer digestion. Another undeniable plus is that the meat of this bird is less fatty than chicken.

Beef is the most popular and affordable meat. It's not fatty, rich in proteins and iron. Necessary for blood formation.

Healthy drink – green tea.
This drink burns fat because it contains special compounds that stimulate the brain and nervous system. Studies have shown that green drink lowers bad cholesterol and increases level of good.

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In this cabbage contains many nutrients: calcium, vitamins A and C, folic acid, fiber which helps burn fats and accelerate metabolism. In addition, broccoli has antioxidants that reduce the chances of disease of the cardiovascular system and even certain types of cancer.




This can be attributed to the not-too-watered-down oatmeal. They give an excellent feeling of satiety because they contain a lot of fiber. Even oats is a source of selenium. This means that you energy, strengthens the immune system, antibodies.

Flakes of whole grain
Cereal derived from whole grain is a wonderful source of carbohydrates and fiber. To use carbohydrates should be in moderation, but at the same time in any case not excluded from the diet. They are necessary for our body (this is a good reason to think those interested in these diets, as the Kremlin, Hollywood).

Simply replace refined carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, corn flakes) food made from whole grains. They accelerate the fat burning. However, they also cannot be carried away, to eat in moderation.

Burning, chilli pepper
Burning hot pepper (chili, Mexican jalapenos, habanero (a type of Chile, but even sharper), just perform miracles for fat burning. Studies say that if the diet is present spicy dish, the fat burned by twenty-five percent faster and better.

Fat continues to burn even three hours later after eating this dish. However, people who have problems with gastrointestinal tract, you need to use hot peppers with care. And sometimes even to abandon it.

Coffee drink
Coffee increases the heart rate and helps burn calories. Unless of course, it's not a sweet coffee with heavy cream. The less sugar you put in a Cup, the better. Instead of cream is perfect not to fat milk.

Fish tuna
Like salmon, tuna is a great source of omega-3. It reduces the hormone leptin. The result is acceleration of metabolism and fat is burned much faster.

Sardines a lot of fish oil. The people who replaced three grams of fat, six grams of fish oil, lose one kilos in three months. If the fish you don't like, you can purchase special fish oil capsules in the pharmacy.







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