Unsolved Ciphers

There was a time when we fly over satellites capable zoom image so that we can accurately determine the size of the female breast lying on a nudist beach girl. Having such sverhvozmozhnosti, we think that humanity knows everything. Even with all of our high-speed, 3D-technology, projectors and touch screens, there are still ciphers and codes over which continue to puzzle cryptology world level. And some more ciphers have existed in the 18th century. Even with the advent of advanced technology, these unsolved codes hint that the smartest thing in our society at the moment - smartphones.

10. Dorabella Cipher.

It is said that the author had an extraordinary mind. The ability to take a blank page and turn it into something exciting - it's an art form that is incredible emotions ... well, maybe not so lofty, but let's agree that it takes a lot of creativity to make anything out of anything. In the late 18th century, the author of this code, Edward Elgar, sent his young girlfriend encrypted message. The problem is that he succeeded so well encrypt it, that she could not even read it. Elgar was fascinated by the idea of ​​encrypted messages. He even broke into one of the most complex code that was published in the famous Pall Magazine. Many are the symbols that make up the cipher Dorabella in Elgar's musical compositions and his personal records. Many have theories, but no one has found a solution.

9. Identifier D'Agapeyeff.

After a couple of decades after the Dorabella Cipher, Alexander D'Agapeyeff wrote a book on cryptography. 1939, year of writing the book, was a time of pre-computer encryption, and it is believed that the cipher D'Agapeyeff was compiled entirely by hand. This stunning code hack harder than code written in prehistoric times create lost languages. The author of this cipher was a genius. His most famous code was so hard that even he often pass before him. Cryptology took his numerical code and, as usual, the numbers assigned letters. Unfortunately, it came to nothing lead. They got a bunch of double and triple letters. A book of this cryptographer named "Codes and Ciphers", printed Oxford Press, nothing helped. For some reason, later editions did not include his famous cipher. People are probably tired of the fact that at the last moment before they thought they open secret comes the realization that they are still far from it.

8. Harappan letter.

Between 2600 and 1800 BCE flourished in the Indus Valley Harappan civilization. Indus people were described in history as the most advanced urban culture of his time. The first attempts to decrypt the Harappan letters were made long before the civilization was rediscovered. Historians from Britain to India were trying to decipher the symbolic message. Some believe that the people of the Indus script became the prototype of hieroglyphic writing in ancient Egypt. Teams from Russia and Finland concluded that the writing of this people has druidic roots. Regardless of where it originated, over an alphabet of 400 pictograms worked the greatest minds from around the world. It is believed that the number of Harappan civilization was 1 million. To manage so many people, it was necessary to come up with some form of language. And at sunset, civilization has decided to act selfishly enough, and did not leave a cheat sheet for future civilizations.

7. cipher Chinese gold ingot.

General Wang from Shanghai, in 1933, received seven gold bars. But not those which are placed on deposits in banks. The biggest difference was the mysterious images and letters found on the bullion. They consisted of encrypted letters, Chinese characters and Latin cryptograms. 90 years later, they have not been able to crack. Weighing 1.8 kilograms Chinese cipher believed describe transaction over $ 300 million. The true reason why the General Wang received such an elaborate gift from an unknown admirer, it would be much easier to determine if we knew what was written on gold bullion.

6. The Zodiac Killer.

This title has nothing to do with daily horoscopes, which are filled up our inboxes, we're talking about one of the worst serial killers. Not only that, he was responsible for a huge number of murders and was just mentally unstable man who was trying to become famous Zodiac at their expense. In 1939, he sent letters to the three California newspapers, showing off the recent killings in Vallejo. For his generosity, he demanded to print an encrypted message on the front pages of the newspapers. In the end, the police had no choice but to play his game. More than 37 people were killed during his work in the 1960s and 1970s, and what is surprising is that some messages were deciphered the Zodiac. However, the vast majority still keeps its secret. The FBI even went so far as to provide the remainder of his public messages in the hope that someone will be able to decipher them.

5. Linear letter A.

Historians were able to establish a link between the Phaistos Disk and Linear A, but they still need to decrypt the message. Phaistos disc was found in 1908, from both sides suffered mysterious signs. "Experts" have allocated 45 characters, but they still do not know what they mean. Moreover, they found a plurality of discs with two different writing styles. One style is called "Linear A" and the other "Linear letter B». Linear A letter was much older, and it was established on the island of Crete. Briton named Michael Ventris disgraced all the "experts" when cracked the code of Linear B. The secondary form has been hacked, but over the Linear A "experts" are still scratching their heads.

4. Proto-Elamite.

Forming the Persian Empire, the Elamites became the earliest known civilizations. Even in 3300 BC it was necessary to develop a written language to communicate with each other. In the 8th century BC Elamites used clay tokens to represent the various goods and services. They even invented a clay wallets and ID, to understand who had the money and how much. This is the earliest evidence of the establishment of a numerical system. About 2900 BC their language is moved to a completely new level. It is assumed that the Proto-Elamite language was some form of accounting system.

Some success, if you can call them, have been made by historians who found similarities between the Proto-Elamites and wedge style letters. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 5th century BC Proto-Elamite began to fade. You're only 1600 clay discs that no one can read.

3. Taman shud.

As has already been proven Zodiac killers like glory. The body of an unidentified Australian was found on the beach of Adelaide for more than 65 years ago. Media dubbed him "a mysterious man from Somerton." Attempts to find out his identity and not crowned uspehomo mystery. But today we are on ciphers ... The evidence found in his pockets, led Australian police to the railway station of the local posts. There they found a suitcase with his usual for most people to set things. The coroner said the man was healthy (besides the fact that he was dead), and may have been poisoned.

It took two months to find a small pocket, which at the first examination missed. It was a small piece of paper with the words "Taman Shud". After the publication of the findings of the police asked the guy who said that he had found a copy of the same book in his car that night, when he was killed by a stranger. Under ultraviolet light manifested unreadable code of five lines. Over the years, various officials and volunteers have tried to crack the encryption. Professor Derek Abbott and his students tried to decipher the message from March 2009. However, like other lovers of mysteries, surrendered. But in their report states that the victim was a spy during the Cold War, which was poisoned by enemies. Much easier to come up with something mystical than the full taste the bitter taste of defeat.

2. Identifier McCormick.

The body of Ricky McCormick was found in an area of ​​Missouri on June 30, 1999. Two years after his death, two notes in his pockets were the only evidence for detectives. Even the efforts of famous cryptologists and the American Association of Cryptology and could not decipher them. Identifier McCormick takes 3rd place in the list of the most sophisticated codes. More than 30 lines of encoded information includes the number of lines, letters and parentheses. With so many character options are endless ciphers. Family McCormick says he wrote the ciphers from childhood, and none of them knew what they meant. While he was away for just a few days, the body McCormick quickly identified. This made the transcript of his notes unraveling of his murder. FBI agents usually hack codes for a few hours. Anyway McCormick, who normally could only write his name, was a serious competition to professionals.

1. Bacon's cipher.

Voynich Manuscript is the largest pictorial works written in cipher. Illustration, again open to the world in a Jesuit school in 1912, got its name because the authorship is credited to the Englishman Roger Bacon. Some historians discredit the authorship of Bacon because of the letters of the alphabet that are not used in the course of his life. On the other hand, the illustrations confirm participation in the creation of works of Bacon. He was known for his interest in the creation of the elixir of life, and other mystical teachings. Similar topics were mentioned in the Voynich Manuscript framework. Is Bacon interested unexplored? We'll leave this debate to others, but one thing that remains certain, is that we do not know what hides this cipher. Was undertaken huge number of attempts to crack the code. Some have argued that this Modified Greek shorthand, while others believed that the key is in the illustrations. All theories have been unsuccessful. Those who are still trying to crack the cipher Bacon, amazed by what it fails to do so for long.


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