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In Ireland, apparitions of the Virgin Mary has long become commonplace. But 1985 was rich in animated statues. The first message came from the children of the village Esdi, County Kerry, in February and in September in Ireland began to move more than 30 statues of the Virgin. Did you see how they are swinging, talking, smiling, ooze blood or shine. An amazing testimony came from the village Bollin-spittl, County Cork, where a roadside grotto with a statue of the Virgin Mary was built like a grotto in Lourdes (France). The figure of the Virgin Mary as a man placed at the entrance to the cave, head of the statue is surrounded by a halo of small light bulbs.

In July, the locals began to assure that the figure for no apparent reason began to move. Statue bent, swayed from side to side, winced, shrugged her shoulders and nodded. All this happened after sunset.

For the first time it happened on Monday evening. By Wednesday at the grotto had gathered several hundred people. One of them argued that the statue rocked so that he even frightened, as if she did not fall. The next day, thousands of people are already waiting for a miracle, they crowded around the statue. Some said that the statue moved, others did not notice anything. In Bollinspittl arriving up to 20 000 people every day, among them many sick, hungry for the healing of the Virgin Mary.

People began to come out of Dublin. Restaurants, bars, souvenir stalls work at all. Regularly heard religious chants, prayers were read in unison. However, many pilgrims left unsatisfied. By the end of September, interest died down, the number of visitors plummeted. Rationalists argued that the illusion of motion occurs when, after a long busy gazing into a brightly lit area of ​​the eyes switched to the twilight of the grotto.

Everywhere from Ireland reports of paintings and statues of Our Lady - they moved, cried, oozed blood; there was a lot of witnesses the miracle of Our Lady of Lourdes phenomenon of the icon in the town of Karnes County Sligo. Crowds flocked to the new attractive places.

Since the XVIII century. Franz Mesmer (1734-1815), and others began to investigate the effect of hypnosis and the so-called blind vision. In 1898, a Russian doctor AN Khovrin conducted an experiment with a woman who blindfolded could correctly identify a simple touch of color. Shortly after the First World War, the French writer Jules Romain worked with people who have, apparently, the same abilities. Convinced that it is the prospect of "seeing" for the blind, Romain has published in 1924 the book "blind vision". The scientific community greeted her with indifference and even hostility.

After 40 years, inspired by the media and scientific reports about the capabilities of the Rose Kuleshov, an American psychologist at Columbia University, Richard Utah presented his research - experiments with Pat Stanley in Michigan that could identify the color, without looking at the items. In addition, he conducted tests with students of colleges and the blind. Utah tried to ensure that the subjects, even if they peep out from under the bandages on his eyes, could not see what they touch. Color maps are inside the box covered with a black cloth, the ends to tie around the neck of the test so that the latter could not even see his hands. Utah came to the conclusion that the tactile and visual perception is a natural phenomenon, the cause of which lies in the sensitivity of skin receptors to a different amount of heat reflected from the object of the stimulus, and has nothing to do with psychics Rica is considered by some theorists. Utah assumed that 90% of people may have a similar talent.

Shortly after the tragic explosion of the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in 1986, the London newspaper "Daily Telegraph" revealed that in Ukrainian Chernobyl means "wormwood." Verses 10 and 11 of Chapter 8, "Apocalypse" talk about a falling star that will cause catastrophic destruction of the poisonous fumes. "The name of the star - wormwood." Reader "Daily Telegraph" reported the newspaper, that Chernobyl is still a "black profit." But the association does not end there. Chernobog - Slavic god of the underworld, Black Sun underground. If the reactor burned land, radioactive poison penetrated to ground water and would ruin the Dnieper River. In 1986, Ukrainians still cursed enemies of this proverb: "Punish your Chernobog».

In winter 1970 the Dutchman Eric Janson arrived in the Lake District (North of England). On the way, some stray motorist Janson asked how to get to the hotel; it turned out that his name is Eric Jansson, too, and he is also Dutch. In Kes-vetch they waited for the hotel, the only guests appeared with her Dutch Eric Janson.

Another coincidence - three of the same name - happened in August 1979 in France. Parisian Jean-Pierre Serre became a member of a traffic accident - a collision with Georges Serre from Clermont-Ferrand. After a few seconds of Mademoiselle C. Serre Rua ran into them in his car. All three of them were not relatives, we had never met, and Serres are not too common French name. In the Paris telephone directory there are only 120 1,250,000 among others.

Remembered US presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Among the 17 matches, their linking, for example, are: the successors of both called Johnson; names and surnames of Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson (of course, in English spelling) in 13 letters; names of the killers of John Wilkes Boom and Lee Harvey Oswald - 15 letters; in the names Lincoln and Kennedy - seven letters, and finally killed Lincoln at Ford's Theater, and Kennedy was killed in a car brand Ford.

In 1909, during the Arctic expedition, Robert Peary, American explorer, first reached the North Pole, from 20 eskimosok on board fell into eight state pibloktoka (as it is called Eskimos). This state of mind known as Arctic hysteria usually happens for the Eskimos, as a rule, women in the polar regions. The symptoms are different, but the first signs - quiet singing and rhythmic clapping their hands, and women tearing their clothes. They can beat his hands, crawl and bark like a dog, exhausted, to go on the ice and at the same time to sing and scream and scream, being immune to physical sensations and to the environment. An attack can last from one to two hours, ending convulsions and weeping, after which a person falls into a deep sleep, and then just as spontaneously comes to life.

Pibloktoka phenomenon often happens at the end of the polar night, when the long darkness affects even those who are used to it. Another factor - the specific power: the Eskimos are deficient in calcium, which can affect mental processes.

Illnesses like pibloktoku traditionally regarded as a form of mental illness, but they are now increasingly recognized as a natural discharge for nervous disorders, characteristic for representatives of this or that culture. Stresses that in some societies may lead to serious nervous breakdowns, are limited to short-term incidents leave no emotional trace.

Not only for the Inuit but also some other nationalities various forms of hysteria regarded as a natural way to relieve nervous tension. Nenets in Russia suffer from bouts of hiccups, most of the married women exposed. However, they hallucinate, convulse or fall into a rage and remain in this state for as long as the attack does not stop myself. Malaysian form of such hysteria affects men and women differently. A man can fall into and run amok on an imaginary enemy, is dangerous. A woman falls in lats, ie manic imitates everything. Such a protest against the accepted norms of behavior, perhaps, is vital for maintaining mental health.

PORTRAIT Crying boy
In the 80s a lot of noise was made in the UK low-cost reproduction of "Crying boy." It has been published several variants of a crying baby portrait, thoughtfully staring at the viewer.

The newspaper "San" jumped at the idea that these pictures enchanted. In houses where the hanged reproduction, fires broke out, but the "Crying boy" remained largely untouched by the fire. It began with statements from Yorkshire firefighter Peter Hall, who said that this picture is often found on big fires.

"Sun" is often published stories that supposedly "Crying Boy" brings misfortune. In response to readers informed in letters known to them as otherwise specified name of a place, the names of the victims. the phenomenon turned into something more than a mere fabrication.

Secretary Folklore Society sought to impose on the theory that an artist mistreated model, and the boy in revenge uttered a curse. However, this explanation was rejected. Sober-minded explained the history of coincidences, accidents, prejudice, ignorance.

In 1985, when the night is November 5 flamed "Guy Fawkes bonfires", "Sun" reported that they burned thousands of reproductions of "Crying boy", and several fire brigades refused to go to extinguish.



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