Escape-rooms and quests in reality - a new type of game for geeks

Now, probably, one of the signs of a new phenomenon - the absence of normal Wikipedia article. If you look at articles «Эскейп-рум» and Escape room , then it is clear that this area has great potential to promote. I offer you a little story about this genre and some impressions (without spoilers) from visiting Ufa quest «Trap Howard» .

History h4> Construction gameplay tasks around "to get out of a locked room" embodied in various ways. One of the first, perhaps, was the text adventure Behind The Closed Doors 1988. With the proliferation of Flash technology the opportunity to simply create a small game that led to the fact that in 2001 there was a game MOTAS (it is up to still alive, you can play by clicking on the link), and in 2004 left the game, which has become in a sense, canonical representative of the genre - Crimson Room (in it, you can play, but can not pass - is needed to pass the code from the developer, which does not work). If you are interested - have a website with large selection of games of this type .
A few years later there was an offshoot of the genre - the task of "get out of the real room." The first game of this type is called Original Piece 2006, which was invented in Silicon Valley. In 2007-2008, the Japanese Takao Kato invented Real Escape Game , which is widely spread throughout Asia - Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore. But in recent years, games have become widely circulated in Russia. About the technical aspects of the implementation of games wrote Habré , have Review publication , but it is, unfortunately, was buried in the hub," I PR "and is not even search on the site.
It seems that Asia continues to lead in the prevalence of this genre - there is even filmed reality show . And if you understand English, you can see the funny psychological classification of players who have already done:

Idea h4> Concept escapes showroom is based the following ideas:

  • The team players, usually 2-4 people
  • For a limited period of time, usually 60 minutes
  • Trying to get out of the closed room
  • Solving the puzzle by solving ciphers and mining quest items. room in which the action takes place, decorated in keeping with the story and creates an atmosphere of immersion in the quest.

    1. High atmospheric.
    2. Work head combined with perturbation of the hands and feet (to climb on / under the table, to probe the walls, floor and ceiling).
    3. Work command can be used for team building. Disadvantages:
      1. Zero repleyabiliti. Re-take the same room does not make sense.
      2. The time limit is a significant probability of loss. Some it may upset.

        Personal experience h4> On the New Year's weekend my wife and I decided to go on a quest «Trap Howard» . In the story, Говард Volovitts missed EVA key to the airlock. Backup equipment is in his laboratory in the world, and the players play the role of a hapless astronaut friends, frantically searching for the key that can unlock the gateway and save Howard.

        Probably sky map was the last straw for the decision, "I want to try!» I>


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