Eugene Roshal - a great archiver

Everyone is probably familiar with this neat icon: a stack of purple, blue and green books, drag strap. We are talking about the legendary RAR Archiver and WinRAR, which invented and developed chelyabinets - graduate SIP (now SUSU) Eugene Roshal Lazarevic. Indeed, even in the name of the utility hidden initials of its creator. RAR is Roshal ARchiver

History recalls the story of our countryman films reclusive teenagers - prodigy. They always something to think hard, solve problems in the school of the university program and prefer mathematics, not football. Perhaps now these guys should hang on the wall portrait Perelman. Apparently, this image is far from gone and Eugene Roshal.

At age 13 he was already programmed, and to do it in the Soviet scientific calculator "Elektronika MK-61." A little later, the future of world-class programmer has mastered Agate. These were the native 8-bit computers are targeted for use in public education. Their way, have developed, based on the iconic Apple II. Agata Eugene Roshal introduced his science teacher, you can tell sensei young genius - Vadim Germanovitch freezing. Under his leadership, Eugene and studied "bird language" and made tentative outline of the architecture of their offspring.

The first version of the famous program Roshal, presented in 1993, when he was 21. He has studied at the electronics faculty on a specialty "Computers, complexes, systems and networks." For the first went second, some improvements have been made, then the third, and finally, after more than 20 years, was released many versions of the program. Last - 5.11 became available just a month ago, in September 2014.

And yes, the most important thing - WinRAR is one of the best archives in the world, its interface supports 45 languages, and the possibilities are impressive. For example, the utility is able to work with files up to 8, 589 billion. Gigabayt.Neudivitelno that adorn the colorful booklets on monitors and screens, computers and gadgets with operating systems: Windows, Android, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, MS-DOS, Windows Mobile.Kstati except archiver Eugene Roshal coined the file manager FAR Manager. He is not so popular, but also enjoys some success.

According to rumors, to date, Eugene Roshal lives in the US, and copyrights belong to program his older brother Alexander.

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