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In Shklou Eugene, who calls himself a citizen of the USSR, lived up to 15 years. As he says, was born in an ordinary Belarusian family is well studied, nine classes and graduated with honors. But then my parents decided to move in with relatives in Kazakhstan, in the city with an experimental nuclear power plant - Aktau. Son, of course, went with them. That was in 1999. Excellent already graduated from high school at the Kazakh spaces. And for two years did not submit documents in any university: too many items were of interest to him, but still actively engaged in sports. I had to take a break to find out what you need in this life.
- I do not imagine where to continue their education. And in this situation, decided that would be a good choice known university. Moscow State University, for example. I did not know at what faculty do, and for the first educational psychology chosen because philosophy is much cut off from life, and mathematics in its pure form seemed to me not very interesting. As a result, choosing between the Physics Department, Faculty of Mechanics and Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, I still chose psychology. The second tower at me - Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. And also with honors, with an average score of 5, 0. Second Higher I received while studying in graduate school, where he specialized in internal motivation - says the young man.

After graduating psihfak, Eugene worked for three years at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the laboratory, which studied the talent, creativity and intelligence. About his life in Moscow, which eventually lasted ten years, a native of Shklov says: "The environment inside the MSU was very different from the rest of Moscow." Eugene gives the example of altruism professor, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, famous laureates government awards, which came from the deep suburbs, hours getting to university to read ten students free additional course in mathematical statistics.
- And in general, Moscow, of course, very much focused on the commercialization of the right to receive money from all that is possible. I had to work in the "Yandex" and SAP. Realized that they certainly are willing to pay $ 5,000 or more, but it's not the money for what you bring someone good. That you understand what I'm saying, I will give an example of a successful Russian bank. 100% of the portfolio of the bank - loans to individuals. This is when, roughly speaking, you will not catch on payment in the ATM to the delay. Can impose fines, penalties and so on. The real value of such loans - 60% per annum, if not more. In some cases up to 200%. Founder of the bank likes to recruit graduates in the faculty of the Physics Department, and then throw the words: "Behold, I have no education, and they will be for me and wash floors." At the same time it pays employees by $ 3,000. But if these students are thinking, you would understand that, by and large, do not do anything at all for anyone. They are, in fact, steal money from grandmothers and shift it into the pocket of a businessman. And could develop science, industry, defense industry, in the end.

When I worked at SAP, in my direction integrator companies easily pay employees by $ 7,000 a month and more. But it should be understood (and is well aware of the majority): what do you do - this cover kickbacks and cuts. Conditional "Russian Post» SAP is not needed. And the fact that she is ready to pay $ 20 million to implement, and you will fall out of it several times at $ 7000, - see for yourself will allow you to conscience or not. I was not allowed. At the time, when I saw where I work and why (they needed was not working team, and the appearance of legality of the project), I left. The actual kitchen was so. To work in the country where you know that you can only steal money (no matter what is said) - is a cynical unscrupulousness.
As for the "Yandex", the main tool that brings the company money - it's programmers. In this case, the average net profit programmer brings 450 thousand. Russian rubles ($ 12,900), and even more, he gets a salary before taxes of 150 thousand. Rubles ($ 4,300). From the point of view of the market, 150 thousand. - Is, of course, a lot, but as the company puts it in his pocket 300-400 thousand. Rubles. At Google, by the way, is even worse. But this is a different story.
Moscow strongly sliced, and a slice of you will always find. These slices rarely intersect, although, of course, is that someone prune you on the road with flashing lights or Maybach. And you decide for themselves how to use their capabilities and their conscience.

Having decided that staying in Moscow internal principles are no longer allowed, Eugene and his wife (also, incidentally, is a graduate of Moscow State University and the University of Finance) began looking for a place by itself. The couple had the opportunity to go to the United States or Canada, but they did not want to emigrate to a country, "which deals with the bombing of those who disagree with her and arranges States revolution on the principle of occurrence of oil." Eugene chose for his family republic, which is building socialism - the Chinese People. He submitted documents the fan, a large number of specialties - and eventually won a scholarship from the CAS-TWAS Chinese Academy of Sciences. It can only get university graduates from developing countries (which include including Russia and Belarus). Eugene now immersed in bioinformatics - is seeking a cure for cancer.
- Yet fellowships of $ 1,300 does not look as solid as your old Moscow earnings of $ 7,000 ...
- And why the money? There are indicative postulate in a market economy: human needs are unlimited. And there is a postulate in the planned economy: human needs can be satisfied. Since I am a Communist, I feel closer to the position of the planned economy. Relatively speaking, iPhone costs $ 1,000. Thus under our tasks we are here in China, bought a very good tablet for $ 50. When I say that we have enough for a family 7,000 yuan ($ 1,120), it is true, because children's clothing set of normal quality can be bought for less than $ 2. A kilo of pork tenderloin is $ 3. Bus ticket - 20-30 cents. At the same time I know that my friends in California do not have enough $ 5,000 per family. Because there is a kindergarten worth $ 1,800, plus a rental home $ 2,000, plus insurance, plus a loan for a car, plus tuition wife. In Moscow, rent is more or less adequate in size apartment close to the center will cost at least $ 2,000. In Guangzhou, we shoot for $ 500 in the new house apartment of 125 square meters, with a swimming pool in a protected area, with underground parking. For all criteria is the home business class. If even here, as the government plans, moved downtown, it will be luxury housing. In the homes of traditional Chinese buildings can rent an apartment smaller and simpler for $ 120.

Apartment Eugene and his family in Guangzhou

The Chinese, by the way, very modest, says Eugene. Any praise they reply: "Nala, Nala" (which means "where there yes, but where I am!"). You come, for example, in the posh house to the Chinese, say to him: "You have such an expensive house, everything is so nice and cozy," - and he usually responds, "It's just a humble hut, and smart house - you. And to me you are still very, very far away ».
Now Eugene and his wife have two children. The eldest, Alice, will soon be two years. Girl goes to a month in a private bilingual kindergarten for $ 130, which speak Chinese and English. "From the Russian tugovato here" - recognizes Eugene. Jr., Heimdall, four months. But this is not going to stop Eugene: he dreams of a large family with five children. By the way, Heimdall, who was born in Guangzhou, China is not a citizen. According to local laws need to have one of the spouses was a Chinese nationality, - only if the child acquires the citizenship of the PRC.

Dad and daughter

Alice in the garden

For a walk with her daughter on Guangzhou

- And why did you choose all the same China, not the US? In the United States has always been a lot of attractive grants for talented mathematicians and computer scientists.
- Everything depends on what value for you. If you value as at the time of the collapse of the USSR, jeans - it's one question. Jeans, by the way, here sew, so they are much cheaper in China. And if education is more important, there are credible international ratings data, which show that the United States somewhere in the 30 th place, and China submitted Shanghai and Hong Kong - it's the best in the world of schooling. As for the funding of science in China is growing by 20% every year, and in the United States, by contrast, is reduced: all the more difficult to obtain grants, cut programs NASA ... If you care to live well you personally, choose the United States, and if your kids then leave for China.
Attitude towards science in China is very respectful at all levels, convinces the owner of two honors. For example, the owner of the apartment, which removes Eugene in Guangzhou, was ready to take shelter scientist rather than a secured businessman. For citizenship to invest in China's economy half a million dollars or be researcher, and in some cases even enough rank junior researcher.
- Being a teacher in China prestigious. In contrast to the Belarusians and Russians, who all basically on paper, they have a teacher is highly respected. Examples of other socially significant profession - a doctor. A businessman - well, yes, you have a lot of money, well done. Something like that, is not impressive.
With fellow graduate

- Back to previous positions in Moscow, my wife can always. Or go with the expectation of the same amount in Europe. But it must be understood that, for example, in Belarus is unlikely to succeed to live in such conditions, dedicating his life to science ... We decided to denigrate, to throw mud all around. It is understandable why vilify the Soviet Union. Because if you do not, then the question arises: where are we now? How much we are not there, where they were 25 years ago? How can this be? Why China in real terms since 1990 has grown ten times, and we are increasingly lagging behind? Twenty years ago, it was true that the average Chinese person worked for a bowl of rice. They now have an average salary of $ 800. And given the fact that prices in China are lower than in Russia and Belarus, the real wage is higher. We also continue to tell the Chinese for $ 100 work ... At the same time in Russia and Belarus is the real fall of culture and education. The schools teach worse. And it turned a blind eye.
In fact, I would like to return to his country. The problem is that for the time of life in China, my country is becoming less and less of my country. Values ​​are changing before our eyes, is becoming increasingly important is not what you do, and how much money you have. I hope that will reverse the process. Because these people were (they currently have, although formally "overboard") - those who are organizing free camps run by volunteers, are circles, working in hospitals for ridiculous money. These people have. The country is not over. And education can be restored, and the teachers are professionals there. But for this value should turn in some other way, so as not to want to go to the bank, not steal from a neighbor, not a big jeep show and something to move forward.
I believe that Belarus will change. Perhaps when China will become even more powerful player, they will have to pretend that they are on friendly terms with China, not with the United States. Then the economy, which will be taught in high schools will be the Chinese, not American. Let it will take five years, not ten. But I believe that our engineers, men of science, factory workers, doctors will be needed. This is, by and large, is communism.
However, I do not consider myself a Chinese. I have a lot in common with Belarus, because it is the place where I was born, where he spent almost the entire youth. So far, of all the places I could call home, the closest - is Škłoŭ.



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