Mammoth - one of the largest mammals in the history of our planet. Mammoths lived mainly in Eurasia from the British Isles to Chukotka and north-western North America. To this, scientists found under a layer of permafrost remains of these majestic animals. Unfortunately, the mammoth was a sad group of dinosaurs and other extinct species of flora and fauna that modern man can be seen only in the Paleontological Museum. The reasons for the extinction of the shaggy giants, researchers still argue. We consider a variety of more or less probable theory. One of them talks about the sudden cataclysm - the fall of a giant meteorite to the Earth, and the terrible explosion that caused the extinction of mammoths. Another hypothesis suggests changing the planet's poles. But scientists themselves acknowledge the small probability of these theories. The study "cemeteries of mammoths," the study of their bones, tusks, stomach contents suggests that the extinction of these animals was gradual, over several thousands of years, slow and mostly associated with the failure to adapt to climate change and the environment obitaniya.

Loss of genetic diversity - that is, according to geneticists, the main reason for the disappearance of mammoths. Global warming has led to waterlogging familiar landscape, and the disappearance of the plants that feed on mammoths. Lack of nutrients and minerals could not but affect the health of the mammoth and its ability to reproduce. The warm, humid climate not suitable cold tundra steppe inhabitants, or as they are referred to as "the mammoth prairie." During the period of 36 thousand. Years, the area inhabitable mammoths areas decreased by 90%. Already 6 thousand. Years ago, the number of mammoths did not exceed 1 million. Specimens. The last mammoths became extinct about three millennia ago. It is often said that the reason for the extinction of the mammoth steel primitive hunters. However, scientists do not support this assumption. Primitive man could not destroy so many livestock that cause the extinction of a species. But the acceleration of the final disappearance of the mammoth hunters role is definitely played. According to scientists, for the complete extermination of the population of mammoths it was enough to kill one mammoth per person 1 time in 3 years.



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