10 amazing facts about the time that will transform your consciousness. Is that really true?

People are always interested in the time it is, why it is so measured, what does it have to do with space and so on. No wonder Albert Einstein said: "The only reason for the existence of time - so that everything does not happen at the same time." Although scientists vengeance tried to answer the most of all these questions, people still have developed their own specific temporal patterns. Admit it, you're thinking that the Ottoman Empire existed in the far-distant past, the dashing 90 were 10 years ago and mammoths lived on Earth almost together with the dinosaurs.

Today, shocking to you some facts about the time so that you can fall off the chair. It turns out, when the theaters were "Star Wars" in France, are still executed people by means of the guillotine, and Oxford University was built before there was the Aztec civilization. And this is not the only facts that can permanently flip your concept of time.

1. The first pyramids were built at a time when woolly mammoths were still alive. B>
You probably think that no earthly man did not find the time when mammoths existed on the planet. You're wrong. While most of the mammoths died out long before the rise of civilization, their small population survived until 1650 BC. e. For your information, at that time, Egypt had already passed about half way through their development, and the pyramids of Giza have numbered 1,000 years. How about the news?

2. Oxford University older than the Aztec culture. B>
It's hard to believe, but, as evidenced by the sources, the first training began in Oxford in 1096, and officially University was founded in 1249-m. What then happens on the other side of the earth? It is difficult to imagine, but at that time, both in Europe have already been built higher education institutions, the Aztec civilization did not even exist. As you know, this nation is the calculation of its existence since the founding of the city of Tenochtitlan in 1325.

3. Every two minutes in the world shoot as many photos as mankind removed during the 1800s. B>
Nowadays, photography is not considered to be something unusual or out of the ordinary. Shoot anything and anyone on that much on your camera, phones, tablets, laptops webcam. Whether business in the old days: photographers, firstly, to know one, and, secondly, a special technique for this miracle was the day the fire could not be found. Unbelievable but true: in our days around the globe every minute people make more shots than once did a hundred years.

4. Fax was invented in the year, when people were walking along the historic Oregon way. B>
The first fax machine was developed by Alexander Bain in 1843. It would seem that nothing special, but at the same time in America has just begun migration of peoples.

5. When was the film company Warner Brothers, the Ottoman Empire still existed. B>
According to the sources, the brothers Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner opened its first cinema "Cascade" in New Castle in 1903. Meanwhile, the Ottoman Empire existed until 1923. This means that the world-famous group produced the best movies and TV shows while on another continent still existed a powerful ancient empire. I think my brain refuses to believe in such.

6. Harvard was founded before the appearance of the work on the calculus. B>
Harvard University - the oldest higher educational institution of the United States - was founded in 1636. Calculation not been known until the end of the 17th century, before the advent of the work of Leibniz and Newton. I wonder what they then learned?

7. If you are older than 45 years, your life at the Earth's population has doubled. B>
The figures speak for themselves: in 1968 the population of the planet was 3, 5 billion people. Today, the earth is inhabited by more than 7, 2 billion people. I will say more: this figure is growing daily on 200 000. But our planet is not rubber ...

8. Currently, there are more whales, which were born earlier than was written "Moby Dick». B>
According to scientists, the whales that live off the coast of Alaska, can live more than 200 years. This means that some of these mammals were born long before 1851 was written by the famous novel by Melville's "Moby Dick».

9. If the history of the Earth has been compressed into a single year, people came to the world on December 31, around 23:58. B>
It is easy to calculate, if we take into account that the human race on Earth lived only 0 and 004% of the time by the entire history of the planet.

10. When theaters were "Star Wars" in France, are still executed people using the guillotine. B>
You say that this is nonsense? Judge for yourself: the legendary "Star Wars" appeared in theaters in May 1977. The last execution by guillotine took as many as 10 September of the same year. This fact is just in your head does not climb.

Perhaps now you have jaw dropped in astonishment. I am sure others these facts, too, plunged into shock, so you're not alone. And yes, many people born in the 90s, for a long time have their own children. Time did a wonderful thing! How fast it flies ...

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