15 facts that ordinary Japanese people think about Russia and Russian

We are here on the site, love of Japanese poudivlyatsya, for example, recently edited all amazed their sex habits, absolutely not similar to ours ... And that's what the Japanese themselves think of us? ..

1. - Matryoshka, a huge area, garrison cap. Cap we have seen in any movie - remember Form. A nesting dolls are very cute! (Takako and Ayumi, a waitress in a coffee shop)

2. - cold. Vodka. Beautiful girls. In general, I had no interest in Russia specifically, the first to come to mind almost anyone. (Musida Yoshino, the owner of a flower shop)

3. - Caviar, mammoths, permafrost. Why are mammoths? Did not the mammoths from Russia? (Yoshio Asano, the bus driver)

4. - Cheburashka! Yuri Norstein. Ilya Kabakov. Also Kabakov in contemporary Russian art, I know very few people. More Petrov, animation oil on glass, very time-consuming. Somehow, it seemed that the only Russian capable of such perseverance. (Hiroshi Murakami, media artist)

5. - Matryoshka, Gorbachev ... something third? Nothing really comes to mind. Russian, maybe? A! Borscht! (Sasagawa Minoki housewife)

6. - The movie "Doctor Zhivago" - was revised several times, very good film. Tolstoy and the Kremlin. (Ryuichi Kawamura, the owner of the cafe)

7. - blonde, tall people, and the tango, of course! In Russia we have great tango - you are all so high! (Chihiro and Haruka, dancer)

8. - Pies, Moscow, the Kuril Islands. - Have you been in Moscow? - No, it was not, but Moscow immediately comes to mind. And pies all we all know, although almost no one tried. (Yamada Keyske, manga artist)

9. - Borscht! Nadia Comaneci. - She is Romanian. - Yes? And I thought, Russian. But Shevchenko, football player? - Ukrainian. - Well, then I do not know. Dolls, that's what! (Ivasi Dzyunchi, dealer butcher)

10. - Putin, Gorbachev remember ... is that from the newspapers and television. What else? Potato! You have, it seems to me all the time to eat potatoes as we Fig. (Takao Shimizu, the owner of a mobile Yakisoba-shop)

11. - Rachmaninov - love him very much. Figure skating. Olympics. At the Winter Olympics in Sochi, you also have a lot of medals - we watched. We, too, figure skating is becoming popular. (Sengoku Koyama, an assistant at the Buddhist temple)

12. - the Soviet Union, vodka, Russian Roulette. I worked as a bartender for a long time, from about Russian roulette learned, I do not remember. But impressed. (Katsura Hosono, sommeliers)

13. - A huge country! The size of your territory for me simply unimaginable - Japan because very small in comparison with Russia. Matryoshka and soup! Nesting dolls are very cute, a bit like our dolls kokesi. A real soup I did not eat, we find it difficult. (Nabetani Mika, a student)

14. - Russian flag. Vodka. Cold. I know very little about Russia - but the most common things do not come to mind. (Sato Matsui, working in the shop masu - traditional Japanese wooden cups of sake)

15. - the Russian-Japanese war, translators. Translators have been around a lot. In general, I do not remember, I was in '93, it was so much ... (Nohara Funchyu, retired)

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