History Man-conscript (4 pics + text)

Guy inductee shared by all candid detail
the mystery of the recruitment.


Author: Voenkomat breathe in my direction. Given the task to collect wacky documents.
God is with him, gathered, slowly, over the last month,
though the nerves to "stations hell" shabby. The real test of strength, a kind of exam
suitability for life in Russia were on the medical board.
Six hours in a queue to 4 doctors, with whom I stayed, as a result, no more than 15 minutes.
I am 16, I was a sickly boy, but serious grounds "hang" no.
We have to worry.
And when a steep unaccustomed to the bureaucratic machine, with all boils delirium.

Take the beginning of the document list (to do list). That's why a military conscription office:
- Four of my photos (for business only need one)
- An envelope (phone long been invented, and "invited" by the school)
- A certificate of family composition (in fact, the usual residence, which in the passport)
- Questionnaire about my character from parents and class teacher (psychologist did not read it at all.
But how much time teachers spend)
- The general tests (urine and blood from a finger valid week)
- Certificate from school (I'm from the school questionnaire rent, and even all my
communication with the military enlistment office through school,
that is, they have the data).

That is a list of 13 items safely reduced to 5 (passport, photo, fluoroscopy,
blood group and vaccination). Go ahead.
The list gave me at school, and 7 out of 13 papers are taken at the same school.
That is, each time the students individually suited to the nurse,
the class teacher, the Secretary requests.
Why not collect and pass all at once? So get faster,
and no one will be distracted from work each time.

Deadline approaching, so I had to skip school,
in the morning to get to the local doctor for directions on analyzes.
In general analyzes of all 7 days. Tell me, if I get sick,
I will need to wait a week? I either get well or complications begin.
We need to be tested to know the blood group, but I handed this.
"How much time has passed?" - I was dumbfounded doctor.
"Is it blood can change?»

Some windows registry is the device through which you can record to the doctors.
I hate the registry and communication with aunts,
so this is a good chance of avoiding the unpleasant procedures.
Scotch glued paper "record only to the local doctor».
All hangs badly, but in the end I get to a step input.
Then I understand that my medical insurance policy two rooms
and neither is suitable for the number of characters. I enter one that fits.
Then passport: not completely fit, without writing the series.
"Your information is rejected." Value is 10 minutes? I am sure that this system
e cost tens of millions of registry.


The nurse asked where to get a certificate of family composition, as none
I do not know it. It turns out in housing.
Hallway: The passport today is not working. At each stage, I had to
to deal with the Russian aunt. A school constantly "hint»,
it was time to hand over all even call home. Although I do not recruit:
at least six months can collect the papers.

Separate discussion deserve the questionnaire. It seems to me that they are coming up with
brainless generator of random words, because the issues are illogical,
stupid, and there are a lot of errors. Here are some examples of stupid questions. My comments in italics.

Questionnaire for parents that no one is watching:
- Financial situation of the family (below average, average, normal);
Here, I thought: always thought that the "average»,
but there is a version of "normal". What to choose?
- What traits do you think the most important in the character of your son;
What a difference a military conscription office, I have a good or evil.
- Your attitude to religion; what for? They are afraid that the Islamists?
- Do you and your son Russian citizenship;
if I did not have citizenship, then I spit on the draft board

Questionnaire for the class teacher (chief), also nobody reads:
- It is different from most - yes, no; and that gives them this knowledge?
- ... Are still many questions on the nature of


Finally, the medical board

I take time off from school. I thought that I would come an hour later, all will be less.
Pfft, naive. By this time, the school began to catch up.
I have some one come. Where to go, I do not know.
Accidentally catching a woman in a red knit sweater, which is found in the bins folder with my name.
The queues in order:
1. Turn on the record that you came (40 minutes)
2. Turn to the general doctor who checks whether all the papers there (30 minutes)
3. Turn to the psychologist, who asks: "Problems are there? In the army you want? "-" No, no "(40 minutes)
4. Turn to the optometrist (1 hour 40 minutes)
Then you need to undress. Fortunately, most of the recruits' resolved ».
Now, after 4 hours after the opening, it was necessary to come,
how did one man, who turned out after an ophthalmologist in line behind me.
5. Turn to a neurologist. Here I began to show the many conclusions about the diseases.
Barely ... seriously there (30 minutes)
6. Turn on the measurement of height and weight (20 minutes)
7. Turn to the surgeon, who yells at all. One can see how to get it,
that many are trying to "hang" with uninteresting sores (30 minutes)
8. Turn on the measurement of pressure and temperature (20 minutes)
9. Turn to the general doctor who looks the rest (20 minutes)
10. Turn to the military ticket (1 hour)

Of course, everything can not hate. Here the idea of ​​the conveyor system plus.
But why is such a queue ?!
Assign the fucking time, certain schools. What a habit of coming to the opening everywhere.
It reveals the secret, but in outpatient clinics by the end of the work does not have the people.
The visa application center as well. I've been trying to overcome this model at home and loved ones.
Anyway, I do not deal with such problems.

- I'll go to the store to make a photocopy of the passport and photograph,
then - to the post office to buy an envelope, then in housing for help,
I live there, where it is written in the passport, then I go after the teacher,
the nurse, by the Secretary, and then they take away the filled paper
- Parents fill silly form, which nobody reads
- Nurse every day distracted by individual parishes for
extracts of vaccination and fluoroscopy
- Every teacher who comes on different days, writes characteristic
- Secretary every time distracted from work to fill the paper
- Dozens of people all day in blunt lines, where even the benches are missing

It should be:
- I'm doing photography, I hand over analyzes
- Parents fill out a questionnaire
- A nurse herself fills in the whole class
- A teacher at the time of writing characteristic
- Secretary of copy folder "Passports - 10 B", fill in all certificate from the school
- To make repairs in the hallway or a light bulb at the recruiting office to insert
(I'm sure that this problem is relevant all over the country)
- Appoint the schools time to which they lead students

In parallel Russia:
- School sends over the Internet to the military commissariat base
boys high school students with all the information and photo
- Clinic does too
- Recruits through the site and take turns quietly pass all doctors
- The walls are white, and the light shines bright rooms

P.S. I still fail.



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