Sasha Mazhuga wanted to serve in the army of the Russian Federation!

Sasha Mazhuga wanted to serve in the army. Conscripts still hung on his way to a part.
And then rookie "just thrown out of the train at the station, as the cat is dying, and went on»

Photo - Basil chord

The young man's name is Alexander Mazhuga and he is now in a coma. He is 21 years old. Evening of June 29, doctors "first" at the station Nizhneudinsk removed Alexander unconscious from the train and taken to hospital. According to the doctor's "first" on the body and face of a young man showed signs of brutal beating and strangulation. This is with reference to the St. Petersburg Committee of soldier's mothers wrote on Thursday, July 2, the number of news agencies of the country.

Beating to the state of clinical death of the recruit Mazhuga Alexander Sergeyevich. Comment parents: shoot as they could, after the operator was thrown out of the House. Face swollen, bruise "has spread." Eyes closed - not visible bruises in the eyeball.


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