Funny Stripes US Army

Patches very impressed, the Russian military is all easier. And so, the US military stripes.

Patch pilots T-43A, testing radar.

Patch operators from National Reconnaissance Office. Motto: "The devil, as you know it." Phoenix symbolizes the observation of the Russian yadrena missiles.

Patch made by two dudes who zadolbali questions about their secret service in the Air Force. Guys wearing those stripes in service for months, until they were asked to make themselves such as their general.

Patch testers Lockheed's F-117A Nighthawk. Like, like a silhouette of the aircraft.

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Patch satellite operators PAN, which is responsible for navigation and Drones Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Patch satellite operators old team Sputnik 6594. overthrown cans of movies filmed from outer space. The team then scoured the planet in search of canisters with films.


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