12 worthy TV shows that you haven't seen nothing

New seasons of "Game of thrones", "house of cards" will have to wait a year, but who said that good TV shows left? If "Orange is the new black" you also have watched with horror and delight were holding their breath in the finale of "Bates Motel", here's a new piece of telescoping created over the past few years.

 Happiness for women, 2012 — 2013season 2

Fans of Emile Zola and the TV series "Downton Abbey" is dedicated. Fancy dress British series tells the story of a girl named Denise, who takes a job in a shop for ladies. It would seem, well, so what? The store, and the store. An no, at the end of the 19th century, the Windows of these shops was hiding a lot of secrets and intrigue. And don't be afraid of the name, in the original it sounds like The Paradise is, in fact, the very place of action.

The Knick, 2014 — ...of season 2

Anyone give a series on medical subjects? If "Clinic" is not your show, drives with a "Dr. House" trite, "Call the midwife" you "swallowed" during the holidays, and count of the seasons of "grey's Anatomy" has long been lost, here it is your new alternative with Clive Owen in the lead role. The beginning of the 20th century, new York, medicine preparing for a big leap forward, but in his anticipation to all participants of the process have not easy.

The Director, incidentally, is the Creator of films about the ocean, "Erin Brockovich" Oscar-winning Steven Soderbergh.

Left, 2014 — ...season 3

Imagine that you were in the same infinitely long and infinitely impossible nightmare, where everything you are used to — disappear (including people), and the world around will never be the same as if you'd like. The characters of the series HBO "Left" fall into this dream, only for them it is reality. Get ready for a strange story and issues. But if you trust the Director and will not leave the viewer in the middle of the season, you will not regret.

The man in the high castle 2015 — ...season 2

"What if the Second world defeated Germany and Japan?" Thought Amazon Studios and launched the pilot episode of "the Man in the high castle". Interest in the series was so great that the creators have announced the filming of 10 episodes immediately. And then about another season.

So, in 1962, the outcome of the war was not as we know it, the US is divided between the winners. And, of course, without the underground struggle can not do here.

Mr. Robot, 2015 — ...of season 2

One of the best series in recent time, as indicated by the two "Golden globe", by the way. The main character Elliot is the real Dark knight, a night of restorative justice, and in the afternoon hiding in the everyday life of office clerks. Well, only in his Arsenal not the Batmobile, and the computer, as it is a world — class hacker. And a little (or a lot) sociophobe.

Versailles 2015season 1

"The Tudors", "the Borgias" now this list of costumed telesa joined the "Versailles". Beautiful France, beautiful and slutty, that's what you need to know about this series. Well, how otherwise, if the action takes place at the court of king Louis XIV? Then you and the intrigue, scandals, sex and family drama, and luxury, and spectacular scenery, and again, scandals, and sex. Yes, the latest here a lot, as in "Game of thrones".

Now Versailles goes on the BBC and in the autumn, probably at least out loud, I'll go to the States.

The eighth sense, 2015 — ...of season 2

Try to imagine that humanity is so evolved, some of its representatives are able to feel, to see what the other seven people. And with it, to betray to them his knowledge of kung fu or the skills of driving a car. But why imagine?

Rather watch. We guarantee that after watching the first season you start "breaking". But will have to wait for new episodes until December. In 12 episodes of the first season has it all: shooting in 8 cities, eight different characters with different fates, the conspiracies and intrigues, topics related to cultural differences, gender equality, homosexual. All in all, the creators of the series sisters wachowskis (formerly brothers) suggest five seasons. And if Netflix does not oppose, then so be it.

And yet... see it!

River, 2015season 1

One of the best British detectives last time is a "river" with Stellan Skarsgard in the lead role. The actor plays DCI John Rivera, who hears voices and investigates the murder of his ex-colleagues. The full horror of that him are the ghosts of the dead, or otherwise associated with its business. To find out where reality and where "imagined" is not easy.

Only six episodes, and you provided good acting, exciting plot, dynamic detective, and a very personal, intimate statement on loneliness and unrequited love.

Family, 2016season 1

This show is one fat minus — open final... and closure of the series! Although it turned out pretty good.

The family of Warren ten years ago missing eight-year-old son Adam. The child was never found, but found the culprit — the neighbor Hank previously had already been engaged for the increased interest in boys. Recognition of embossed, a man sent to prison, but then on the eve of the elections for Governor of the state, which decided to participate the mother of the family, a miracle occurred and the lost son is back! However, he acts strangely.

On a similar theme with the missing child and filmed the British TV series, "Thirteen", just him talking about the sudden appearance of the 26-year-old girl who disappeared 13 years ago.

The night Desk clerk, 2016season 1

Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston — what else you need for a good mini-series? Strong intrigue, detective line and a bit of espionage. And it's all there in the "Night administrator" (or "the Night Manager"). A simple administrator of a European hotel is recruited agents of the special services, he was able to penetrate the international network of arms dealers. In General, it is so early and couldn't sleep at night — work was made, and now insomnia will torture him at night for very different reasons.

Marcella, 2016 — the ...season 1

The idea of creation belongs to the master of the Scandinavian detective and author of one of the best series of the genre of "Bridge". The story here is also in order: detective Marcella Buckland after leaving her husband back to the old cold case, simultaneously trying to save the marriage. But the thing is that the heroine, for unknown reasons, suffers not only that, angry outbursts, and even blackouts. Who knows, maybe she broke the law?

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 The word "A", 2016season 1

Open secrets at once: the word "and" is autism. That is autism diagnosed in the younger child in an ordinary, though not without its cockroaches, British family Hugh. Of course, parents do not want to admit this fact, especially when the relatives of the climb with his help and advice. But sooner or later it will have to accept, accept and get used to it. And — to adapt. For parents this six-year-old Joe will have to put a lot of effort.

Find a few hours time and see this very special British show with a special main character, who, by the way, very good taste in music! published

Author: Tanya Kassian

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