SECRET: How to get what you want

American scientists have revealed the secret of success of great men: Shakespeare, Einstein, Newton, bill gates. This secret concealed for centuries, it was hunted... with these intriguing words begins the documentary The Secret.

He made a lot of noise in the West. It looked only very advanced people and gladly began to share on Internet forums with their success. We could not pass by such a magic formula of happiness. The film looked, and the literature I read, and applied in practice. Responsibly declare: it works! And happy to share with you the stunning secret.

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The universe is a table of orders

Main idea: the universe is a big table of orders, and we — the customers. And blindly she embodies all of our thoughts. It does not discriminate about good or we think about the bad.

The filmmakers claim that in the Universe there is only one law — the law of attraction. And all that we have in our lives — all the events, people, success or failure, we pulled ourselves into their lives. The same applies to health, wealth and happiness. First, this idea is staggering. After all, once on the shoulders falls the enormous sense of responsibility for themselves and their lives. The first reaction is to argue. "I was drawn to this accident, I didn't even think about these issues! I've always dreamed about wealth and health that you have!"

The authors of the film are articulate all the possible objections. Enigmatic smile... and explain everything literally on your toes what's in this best of all possible worlds. Yes, it is the best. This is the first in what they are asked to believe and take for granted.

What is the cause of failures, if we don't want them?

1. The universe, say the authors of the film, constantly perceives the impulses from the cerebral cortex of every human being. What you think is fixed as your wish. And whether you are dreaming about the car or tell yourself "just don't crash" — your business. The universe does not distinguish between "Yes" and "no". She blindly obeying your fears. The same as blindly fulfills your deepest desires.

I'm afraid that you will not increase? Well, you can relax, not increase. Often people close themselves of their opportunities. They say: "No, of course I'm not against big money. Well, who will I give?" And really, no one gives. But if people clearly believe that should be rich, the money and the opportunity to earn somehow are.

2. The second reason of failures and problems that, even when the universe is ready to fulfill the dream and get rid of the sorrow, it sends, according to the filmmakers, their intermediaries. By the way, a mediator can be any of us. But the man himself refuses to help, the chance to change fate. It is easier to lament about the hardships trials.

You listen to what basically say when meeting old friends. They complain about life, criticize the government, women abuse men, men complain about women. And what they say, in what you invest your emotions is what you get.

3. Another cause of problems in life, according to the authors of the film, in the wrong information around. Turn on the TV, in the series of continuous killing Yes, the waterworks, on a talk show telling about the terrible life stories, and analysts do terrible eyes and portend the end of the world. Turn on the radio, and most of the songs sung that love has gone and pseudophilosophical tunes that there is no happiness. Like a zombie at negative thoughts. Unless, of course, do not know how to filter information.

Where to start?

If you decide to read further, get ready because soon your life will change. This is your chance to change your fate. Take advantage of them. First you need to pass three steps of liberation. And then do each other different pleasant exercise.

Step 1. Analyze your past

Look at his past. It is a direct result of what you believe. A failed marriage? Health complaints? The lack of money? So some part of you wants to keep it that way.

Example. One woman suffered from diabetes. It is, of course, would like to be healthy. But on reception at the psychologist it became clear that even more she likes to feel around me attention, she was hiding in the disease of life. She pulled.

Psychologists call this the settings for a particular lifetime. Now you have to perform them. To do this, first write down on paper their complaints about life. Written? Now turn them into goals and desires. You can and should make a story about their desires.

Answer the following questions:
— What do you want?
What makes you laugh?
— If you were a wizard what would you ask for yourself?

Step 2. Imagine a picture of the future

As you think about your future, what do you imagine in it, what tune? Answer these questions. Here is what is in your picture next summer of autumn. And what you will be in a year?

Your picture of the future consists mostly of fears or you give control of your life to fate? In life will come true all what you think. And your fate will be the accident.

Now take a break from reality and let yourself dream. The authors call this method "Visualization". Close your eyes and imagine the future that you would have made a happy man. Open yourself your most secret desires and imagine that they have ALREADY come TRUE.

To stop daydreaming so you need: be sure to thank fate, the Universe, God or spirit of life (who is closer to you) for what will be. About the power of thankfulness will be discussed separately.

Step 3. Learn to think positively

This can be a complex step. Especially if you are more accustomed to complain, and an expression of joy generally in some parts considered indecent. Now you need to try to reverse itself. Focus on the positive in your life. And completely ignore all the negative.

This will help here is exercise. Imagine that you have two plants. One of Paradise flower: all the positive things in your life. And the other curve is a terrible thorn: all the negative. And as soon as you decide to think or talk about the good, you water of Paradise flower. It will grow and blossom further. And if you are more water to pour on the curve of the thorn, then it will grow and flower and hour to dry.

By the WAY

Modern marketers, it turns out, have long used this theory in practice. As we told the marketing Director of one of the major companies, receiving the "Imaging" is what they call "Shaping events". They pre-write a story about the optimistic future of the company as it appears in the details. And it always works, she assured us.

Map of happiness

This technique was known in ancient times. They say it's a card of happiness or card of desires, were all great successful people. What you need to do? Armed with a stack of magazines and scissors. Stick in the middle of a sheet of paper your photo and start to cut out from magazines that you would like to have most.

If a tangible expression of your desire there, then cut out the headings that you'd like to have over your life. All that you need to stick around your photos. You will enjoy this collage is necessary. Now we have to hang it somewhere so that you can see it almost every day.

From the point of view of psychology the essence of the method is that you first clearly understand your desires, acknowledge them and daily observation of the material world sets you up for execution. The filmmakers, however, believe that this is a "reminder". So you regularly send the necessary pulses. Prerequisite: in contemplation of your card should cause a sense of happiness or even joy in to schlichte: "Yes!" Joe Vitale, a scientist from the movie, promises that life will come not less than 80%.

The gratitude rock

The feeling of gratitude, even the word "thanks" has a very powerful energy. The authors propose to start a stone of gratitude. You have to find it themselves like penguins. They have this ritual before to bring happiness to the beloved. You have to do to bring happiness to yourself.

The stone should be pleasant you feel. Every day you need to take and stroking, to say thank you for what you have is good. This is a way to once again pour your "heavenly flower". But the magic stone lies in the fact that can attract events. You need only sincerely say, stroking the stone, they say, thanks for what IS (required event) has already happened.

As if what you wanted is already happening. One girl, for example, so it constantly attracts your bus. "Thank you for that as soon as I come to a stop, always comes my bus," she says. Really, what happens. In General, it can be a very long wait, the bus.

Magic wand

It would be nice to have waved his wand and relaxed. However, you can make a magic writing pen. You need to choose one for which you secure this status. And carry it always with him. Or hide in a special place. You're a magician. You have to decide.

Once there was a small desire, write it. You can even "magic" notebook. It is a script. The rules are: you must write in the present tense as though the desire already being fulfilled. And to finish with the words: "I want this or something better". And to consolidate a sense of gratitude. The belief that it will be so, required.

What says the official science?

Oleg Ermolaev, Ph. D., associate Professor:

The magical effects of visualization known to science for a long time. But the film decided not to complicate things, all led to a simple and understandable formula. People turn to the Universe, and the universe gives him everything. In fact, these processes are much deeper. From the point of view of official science is the creation of installations. They form our lives. What you configured, what you believe, and life.

Your perception of life works like this: if you think about bad things, complain about life, how it would become a conduit into their world of negative entities. And when you rejoice let the positive. That's what you want in your life was more then let. Generally the suggestion is a great thing.


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Oncologists, for example, tried not to speak of the results of the tests. Because if a person is to say that he is condemned, he may die sooner than it would happen due to illness. Kill him the thought of death. Cases are known when people were dying of starvation on the seventh day, while during fasting the person not capable to eat a month.

It's all in the attitude. But the most important "magic" of this method is that the authors offer to take responsibility for their fate on themselves.

This alone is enough to change life for the better!



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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