German Sterligov: How to forget about dentists

Since childhood, I drilled teeth dentists and spoiled almost all the teeth permanently. Since the seal fall out all the time to dentists people have to go to death - this idea. It would not come off.

Six years ago, when I once again ache, and even loosened teeth as always I went to the dentist, knowing what level of torture cellars of the Gestapo I have to. Sadist in a white robe touched my teeth pintsetikom and said that they were gone forever, and they must be removed, and it was on all the front teeth. I then trust dentists, but I faced a very important public trip to London, where no teeth was nothing to do and I said I'll go through the week, retired from unbearable toothache. The teeth are staggered so that it seemed they could to get it and throw a hand in their two fingers.

And then literally an hour after I met a stranger named Artemi. He learned of my distress, smiled and said: why you suffer, go to market, buy zabrus and for all forget about dentists

. Zabrus brought me an hour. Chew it first it was painful, but after a while the pain went away and never came back. Since then chew delicious zabrus every day as a gum. Teeth their dentists me crippled in his life and remained so - drilled holes are not overgrown, but forgot about yaprosto zuby.Shest years of grief do not know

. German Sterligov


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