30+ coolest films "Golden Era" of classical Warriors

If the 80's were the "golden" era comedies, the 90th began the era of the classic fighters.

Perhaps the foreign fighters' 90s of the 20th century should be to make separate categories of cinema, because it is no longer removed. Militants' 90s did not have a huge budget, as modern blockbuster, but, nevertheless, many of them became cult and some - a new milestone in the cinema. VHS-tape passed from hand to hand and stare into holes. A whole generation grew up on those movies.

So there you go:

AWOL (1990)

When he learned that his brother in Los Angeles, seriously injured, Lyon Gaultier deserts from the French Foreign Legion, based in a remote area of ​​North Africa.

Hiding from the two fighters legionaries ordered to return it at any cost, Lyon against his will becomes a party to the illegal fights of modern gladiators fighting with bare hands for the entertainment of the rich. He needs the money to help the family of his brother.

Con Air (1997)

"Con Air" - transport police unit US, transporting dangerous criminals. One of these flights back home Cameron Poe, released from prison after 8 years in prison. He waited so long for this, and nothing should stop him on the way home.

Suddenly Cameron witnessed the hijacking is organized by a dangerous recidivist Cyrus "Virus" Grissom. He decides to take matters into their own hands and help the police, because for him it is - the only chance to get home. Only one person in the world is ready to believe him - Sheriff Vince Larkin, who has to overcome incredible odds to prevent the escape of criminals and not allow their zealous superiors blow up the plane, along with all the passengers.

Sniper (1992)

Two sniper. Tom Beckett and Richard Miller, receive a deadly assignment: in the jungles of Central America to find the base of the Colombian drug traffickers, penetrate and eliminate the ringleader. Available only one chance, one shot.

Bird on a Wire (1990)

Things Rica Dzharmina living the secret life of a specially developed FBI witness protection program, consists not in the best way. The fact that fifteen years ago he testified against police hunted the drug trade, which allowed to seat the villain behind bars. The offender, who served his sentence, decides to take revenge "informer" and begins to hunt Dzharmina. Rick accidentally collides with Marianne Graves, his former fiancee. Marianne, of course, know it, that makes it easier for the killers following the Dzharminom heels. Now, with former lover will be rescued from the villains, but that it helps them to regain the lost love.

Bloody Thursday (1998)

A former drug dealer, has passed through all the circles of hell, he decides to retire and forget about his dark past. After moving from Los Angeles to Houston, he abruptly changes its image in the eyes of others becomes an ordinary citizen, who can hardly be suspected of anything criminal. But fate is preparing another, most unexpected surprise to the former drug dealer. The city comes to his accomplice with a load of heroin. Companion and thought forget your partner all the time, while he was building a new life. It offers him the last transaction. All one has to pay, and a former drug dealer is on the verge of death.

Hard Target (1993)

Courageous hero tireless Van Damme tries to help young beauty to find her father, a veteran of the Vietnam War, the missing not on the battlefield, and in his native country, and as a result - is forced to a life-and-death struggle to get to grips with a gang of pathological criminals who use accidents homeless as victims of his brutal and dangerous game.

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991)

Renegade Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson is incredibly talented with unbridled power and an indescribable sense of humor and at the same time played a rude heart "Robin Hoods" of our time. In the lawless world of the late '80s a rough trying to rob a bank owned by the former rocker bar.

Tramps Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man decided to help his old friend and rob the bank of collectors. However, in the armored vehicle it is not money, and drugs. Now Rourke and Johnson pursues a gang of henchmen corrupt banker. High-speed motorcycles, dynamic effects and powerful modern weapons make up an explosive recipe for this futuristic adventure film.

True Lies (1994)

For his family, Harry Tasker - a loving husband and father, a modest man, and dispersed, an ordinary seller of computers, "not getting out" from work, day or night. But few know that, in fact, Harry - a special agent of the secret government service specializing in highly dangerous jobs, owning a bunch of languages, with all kinds of weapons, and by all possible means "sending" the villains to the light. Agent Tasker and go on to lead a double life, if not sinister Arab terrorists kidnapped Harry, and together with him and his unsuspecting wife Helen. But the bandits, to his misfortune, did not even know who to contact. And Helen knew that her husband was not a computer technician, and that she lived for fifteen years with the man next to whom muscular Rambo looks like a child ...

Real (1995)

Neil McCauley - criminal. One of the best, if I may say so about the criminal, in Los Angeles, and perhaps in the whole of America. And working with him is honored super-professionals of the criminal world. But against him stands Vincent Hanna. Detective. One of the best in Los Angeles, and perhaps in the whole of America. Vincent and the Nile is very much in common. Perhaps they have in common, even more than the differences. However, they still stand on opposite sides of the law. The two strongest teams came together against each other. Only it's not about sports, but the battle for life and death ...

Bullet in the Head (1990)

1967. Three friends from Hong Kong to go in search of easy money in Saigon, using prevalent there because of the chaos of war. But the characters and do not assume that they will have to experience: to enter into an unequal battle with the local mafia, the communist troops of Vietnam to escape from captivity and find out what is actually the price of friendship gold or a bullet in the head?

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

8 years ago, schoolteacher Samantha Kane suffered a complete loss of memory. She lives with her 8-year-old daughter a happy family life and unaware of his bloody past, because when something this beautiful woman was an agent Charlie Baltimore, performs secret orders of the CIA.

Shocked by the unexpected return of some of the skills and psychological preparation of a professional killer, Samantha tries to understand his past. Detective Mitch Hennessey, who began to investigate the life of a simple teacher, finds himself with Samantha in a secret CIA operation.

Desperado (1995)

He - a fearless hero, leading the hunt for the king of the underworld. But - it is impossible to execute the sentence. But - once again at stake is the life of love and begins the brutal confrontation between the army and the single heavily armed thugs.

Only the Strong (1993)

After serving in the army, Louis Stevens returns home and finds that the school, which he graduated, chaos reigns. Teachers do not have authority, discipline is not out of the question, the drugs are sold directly in the classroom. Stevens takes it as a challenge and tries to counter the influence of gangs of adolescents.

Cliffhanger (1993)

In the mountains after avalanche lost 5 people. In their quest sent one of the best climbers and mountain guides - Gabe Walker. Suddenly he realizes that his specially lured into the mountains for an entirely different matter.

It also becomes clear that Gabe would be undesirable witness from whom without hesitation "to save." But he lose his life is not so easy going and declares ruthless war on a gang of heavily armed militants led by international terrorist Eric Quale ...

Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

They - LA cops who interleaved strikes hit the headlines during the Showdown in Little Tokyo. The hero Dolph Lundgren - a muscular American Samurai, versed in Eastern traditions. Hero of Brandon Lee - "country bumpkin", which is to a lot of fights. Two of them will have to cool in the war against the Japanese drug traffickers in Los Angeles.

Under Siege (1992)

The terrorists - former elite commando - under the guise of escort a rock group to perform in front of seamen, making their way to the ship with nuclear weapons. Having finished with the main part of the team, they are trying to blackmail the US government. All invaders evolved vessel safely as long as they have not decided to isolate the chef - a former Marine. Cook could not tolerate such abuse, he almost single-handedly buries plans dregs one by one.

Bad Boys (1995)

They - the exact opposite of each other. One of them - an exemplary family man and has no state, other rich and enjoys all the benefits of bachelor life. In addition to the friendship they share the work of the police. Their new task - to catch violent criminals who stole drugs from a secret warehouse, as well as save a girl who happened to be on his way. But for this to change places have friends ...

Mission: Impossible (1996)

Every moment of his life is the man to see, even when he is sure that no one sees. In the hands of a prosperous lawyer Robert Dean got terrible evidence, revealing a senior official. But Secret Service learned about it before Robert and immediately took action. In the course went very latest technology: in today's world do not need to be a magician to change human destiny - just go to the computer. Within days of the law-abiding citizen Dean has become a dangerous criminal, who was declared a real hunt. When the lawyer finds allies and give them a mysterious clue, many heads will fly to ... if he did not lose his ...

Face (1997)

To avenge the brutal murder of his son, FBI agent Sean Archer agrees to a complicated surgical operation. It takes a new face, the face of the terrorist Castor Troy, who is in a coma.

However, the unexpected happens: Troy wakes up and disappears in the guise of Archer. Life Sean turns into a nightmare - he has to fight not only for his life but for the life of his wife and daughter.

Hard Boiled (1992)

Hong Kong police are trying to resist the triads controlling arms trafficking. The main character, a police officer nicknamed Tequila wants to single-handedly neutralize criminals and avenge the murdered mate ...

The Last Boy Scout (1991)

Joe was an American hero - the man who saved the president, and now he's a private detective, awakened after another drinking binge in his old car with a sore head, and family problems. Very helpful podvorachivaetsja cushy job of work - protection of stars seedy strip club. However, the events are getting out of control - first killed his friend, and then the stripper that Joe should be protected. Her boyfriend Jimmy Dix - football decommissioned because of drugs, at least Joe wants to look into the matter, especially since just before her death, she promised him a birthday present - a return to the sport.

Double Impact (1991)

Once the mafia in Hong Kong brutally and ruthlessly dealt with the parents of twin brothers Alex and Chad, which was miraculously saved in the long bloody shootout. Fate has scattered brothers on opposite sides of the ocean, one grew up in California, the other remained in Hong Kong. And now, after 25 years, through the efforts of a loyal friend of the two brothers dead parents meet to make the perpetrators of that crime much to repent of what he had done once.

Leon (1994)

Professional assassin Leon, no mercy and pity, met with his charming neighbor Matilda, who shot seven police officers who were involved in the drug trade. Due to this acquaintance he first experienced the feeling of love, but ...

The Reckoning (1999)

A member of a powerful criminal syndicate must pay their bosses 130 thousand. Dollars. So he invited Porter to the case. Along with him and his wife, they rob the car in which Asians carry "dirty" money.

But Porter's wife sneaking mafia slips photo prostitute in the arms of her husband, and the wife of thrusts in the faithful a bullet for bullet. Considered him dead, they take the money and leave. However, Porter died and five months later he returned to pay - to return their money and revenge.

Point Break (1991)

The mysterious gang of surfers, in broad daylight, committing bank robberies. The police and the FBI struck professionalism and speed of crimes.

The investigation is a young and ambitious FBI agent who risked his life to being introduced to the gang and reveal the matter, but to his own surprise, he realizes that the return to normal life he can not.

Speed ​​(1994)

Imagine a girl who on the rear window of the car sticker adorned with an exclamation point, a kettle and a strange-looking shoes with the signature of "respect me." Now imagine this girl behind the wheel of a giant American bus, speeding through the city at high speed during rush hour. It looks pretty funny, if you do not know what the bus mined and can explode if the speedometer needle drops below fifty miles per hour.

Passengers panicked events unfolding at breakneck speed, and the time before the explosion there are fewer. In the search for a mysterious terrorist who has already proved its seriousness, blowing up a crowded elevator, thrown elite police unit. But time is running out and get on the trail of the criminal and fails. The confrontation with the terrorist takes the best Special Forces soldier Jack Treyven. Now, on whether he is true to dispose of the remaining seconds, depend the lives of dozens of people.

The Fugitive (1993)

He killed his wife. The one-armed man. Possessed Detective. The pursuit begins. Dr. Richard Kimble, a Chicago surgeon falsely accused of murdering his wife.

Determined to prove his innocence, the doctor escapes from prison. He himself wants to lead his pursuers - servants of the law - to the real killer. The film is based on the popular American television series 60-ies.

The Rock (1996)

General elite commando special forces United States, backed by the experience of almost all the wars of the world, steals with his best subordinates missiles with lethal gas and seizes hostages tourists in the former prison "Alcatraz", located on an island in San Francisco Bay.

Not quite the militants and not entirely foreign, but ...


Brother (1997)

Demobilized from the army, Danila Bagrov returned to his native town. But the boring life of the Russian province did not suit him, and he decided to go to St. Petersburg, where it is rumored, is booming for several years his elder brother. Daniel found his brother. But it was not so easy - brother was a hired killer ...

Knockin 'on Heaven (1997)

Fate brings the heroes of the picture in the hospital, where doctors take out his death sentence. The account of their lives is the time on the clock. Further events in the film unfold at a rapid pace. Stole a car with a million German marks in the trunk, they escape from the hospital.

They pursue assassins, they become reluctant robbers, the police chased them, they go to a brothel. Nevertheless, they continue to rush forward to meet his fate.

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