The reverse side of New York

I suggest you look at the back of the intense metropolis of New York.

New Yorkers and visitors to the city have to be expensive to pay for a sign of financial capital of the world: the prices in restaurants, taxis and accommodation is much higher than across America.
On the other hand, a wide variety of consumer products, electronics and relatively inexpensive clothing. Shuttles from Europe and Russia - are not uncommon on the streets of Manhattan.

The famous Broadway delights: you can buy everything from Epple products and other branded items, and at the same time ... disappointing - dirty streets and Chinese fakes.

Living in budget hotels Ukrainian church on the square named after Taras Shevchenko. Nothing religious, pastor just gave us a welcoming luxury apartment in one of the oldest buildings in New York. Just look at these ancient corridors, vintage railing and this whole entourage! Tall ceilings under three meters, creaky parquet floor from the last century, a cup of tea on the table and soothing evening the noise of the big city. All this costs us a modest donation of $ 20 per day.

Downstairs, there is a shop on the Boulevard Museum ("dotyagnuvs" damn Yushchenko!) Ukrainian "embroidered shirts and towels».

But Ukraine is not aware of "Embroideries" and nesting dolls, but rather due to the Chernobyl disaster. After all, only Hollywood can show the world the truth and still manage to make good in this case.

The so-called halal food sold by Arabs everywhere from just such trucks, that spoil the whole tourist view of the world's financial capital. Even the price of $ 5 for a full meal does not attract me: health is more expensive.

The issue with parking New Yorkers decide here in this way.

And, of course, on the streets of the metropolis can meet the most diverse people.

It is well known that the Americans are masters sell everything that moves and does not move. Here you can buy everything. Even 15 seconds of fame on the big screen Times Square, would be money.

From the homeless can not escape even in the world's financial center.

The city never sleeps, but sometimes on strike.

52-year-old Asian Hmong Chen holds the laundry in New York for 15 year. For washing clothes in a large washing machine, he charges $ 3.50, and for drying, respectively, $ 3.00. The few residents can afford myself own a washing machine in the apartment, that have to wear underwear across the street.

Approximately look even the most expensive streets of New York at night.

The New York City subway reach those who do not obey their parents in childhood.

"And you are not ashamed to take people lying on the pavement?" - He asked me a New York cop.

"It's a shame to waste public money on drugs ochumevshih by blacks," - I thought to myself and hurried away from sin.

Eyes wide open, empty the pupils, the saliva from the mouth and tongue to the dirty floor of the subway - a familiar sight on the third floor sabveya at Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn. Even during the day the white man to look into these areas the old-timers do not recommend: can cut only for skin color.

CAUTION beginners: never buy "coupon" tickets from the black sunglasses - it is illegal and is more expensive.

Although "city never sleeps" in each area - its own rules.

And finally, a few pictures of famous magazine "All Saints».

You can in fact make the process of buying clothes fun, enjoyable and interesting!

Prices for quality clothes here, by the way, significantly lower than in Moscow.

In New York, local Ukrainians-yourselfers have tempted me to stay for another couple of days, providing so-called stenbay ticket to the Airport. After some hesitation, I took a ticket and ... went out on time. I had to go back to the city, and all my plans were disrupted and went the extra hundred dollars (exit-entrance into the city from JFK - $ 10, food - 40, the subway - another $ 10, Hostel - $ 20 luggage storage - permanent link 20).



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