The original streets and roads all over the world (9 photos + text)

1. Ebenezer Place

This is the shortest street in the world is in Scotland, in the city of Caithness. Its length is only 2 meters. Not knowing the city, this street is almost impossible to find - because it is just one building, but is listed as number Ebenezer Place, 1 - is the address of a house built in 1883. Incidentally, this "street" is officially recognized as such only in 1887.

2. The longest road

This highway passing of the Americas as southern and northern, is the longest road in the world. The length of the highway 48 thousand kilometers! The road passes through several countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and El Salvador.

3. The narrowest street in the world - Parliamentary street

It is not known why the street was named Parliamentary, although no relation to this, it has no authority. By the way, it is the Parliamentary Street in Exeter, England. It was officially recognized by the narrowest street in the world - its width of 64 centimeters.
At first it was called - a small street, but later it was renamed. By the way, the age of the streets - more than 700 years, since it appeared in 1300. Length - only 50 meters. Not everyone will be able to go through it - so broad-shouldered man just can not.

4. Road in Giza - the oldest paved road in the world.

Her age is greater than 46 centuries, and the width - about one and a half meters. Previously, this road was used by the Egyptians for the transport of huge stone blocks of basalt. At the end of the road they took the builders to erect the pyramids and build other roads.

5. de Julio Avenue

This street is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is considered the widest street in the world. In total, this road has twelve lanes (six on each side). Along this street are famous monuments and memorials that represent the memo various significant events in Argentina.

6. Lombard Street

This street is located in San Francisco, California, and is considered the most crooked, or confusing. Indeed, meter and can not pass, as the street turns again. This was done due to the fact that the angle of ascent would be too steep for transport, and so it was decided here is the solution here.

7. Magic bypass

This is a very famous place, which, if his fame becomes clearer. Interestingly, this is the ring that serves to decouple several ways simultaneously, includes six smaller rings, each of which plays a role, allowing transport to move normally. Located in a wonderful detour England Swindon Town.

8. Savoy Court

Savoy Court - the only way to England, where the movement should be a right-hand.

9. Baldwin Street

The steepest street in the world, located in the city of Dunedin in New Zealand. In this country no surprise road or street, climb a mountain or hill, but the Baldwin Street is too steep even for a New Zealander.
This street, as well as many others in this country, was designed by the British, who have never been in this country. They just paved road on the map, not particularly bothered lifting a corner of the road. As a result, the street had to cover with concrete, asphalt because it is simply impossible to put it flocked to podozhiyu in hot days.


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