Interesting facts and records streets in the world (27 photos)

Every day, walking around the city, on the way to work or home, we pass or pass on dozens of streets. Do we reflect on the interesting facts of which we can tell these same streets? Perhaps closest to your street has to tell the world about yourself.


So, any investigation should start it from the default facts. The largest city in Canada, Toronto is known for the longest street in the world. Yonge Street has a length of 1896 kilometers. Street originates from the waterfront of Lake Ontario, it ends already at the border with the southern neighbor, Canada, the United States.

As you can see, Yonge Street is not only in Toronto, but outside the city. For this reason, as the longest street we can talk about Avenida Rivadavia, Street, which is located in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. Its total length is 14.6 km, which is much less than the length of Yonge Street, but the number of houses on it 11,800, and this fact deserves to be on Avenida Rivadiva talk about how the street with the highest numbered houses.

Industrial giant Ukrainian city of Krivoy Rog in the Dnipropetrovsk region is famous for its longest city highway. The length of the line - 124 kilometers and it includes about 20 streets

The longest village street in the world - a street in the village Communist Bichura in Buryatia.

After discussion, the longest streets must be mentioned, and the shortest of them. The length itself is of only 2.06 meters, which is the length of just one house, you can see the photo. This street is named Ebenezer Place and is in the Scottish town of Vic.

But with the widest street in the world it is not so clear, so for this honorary title fight several applicants. 110 meters wide, only 1 kilometer in length and 9 road lanes in both directions - a street 9 th of July in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires. Resolute pedestrians to get to the opposite side of the street will have to spend about 5 minutes and run into traffic signals 3

Other sources suggest that the widest street in the world is in another South American capital, namely in Brasilia. The monumental tree, a width of 250 meters, landscaped planting trees and more like an ordinary road, and not out

However, if we take into account the fact that the widest street we can call that, the distance between the even and odd side of which will be the largest, we are obliged to mention the street Schmidt, the parties are in different countries - namely, an odd side in Yeisk ( Russian), while an even in Mariupol (Ukraine). The width of the street 68 km, because it separates the two sides of the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea.

It looks like the even side

But let's not forget about the narrowest street in the world. This record is assigned to Shpreyerhofshtrasse in Reutlingen, Germany. It is difficult to imagine, but the width of the streets from 31 centimeters to half a meter. The reason that the street was so narrow - reconstruction undertaken in the 18th century

And, of course, a few things for thrill-seekers. San Francisco - a city famous not only for its hilly streets, but also the most winding street in the world.

But the coolest street (Baldwin Street) has an angle of inclination of 35 degrees, and it is located in New Zealand.

The name of the most expensive streets in the world on everyone's lips, in this category there are no surprises. 21 thousand dollars - the cost per square meter in the well-known Fifth Avenue in New Yorke.Istochnik:


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