Streets-champions and not only

Let's go back to the topic of the facts, as they filled the whole of our lives and they are present literally everywhere. There is also a large number of facts about the streets themselves, where we go every day. Although, it will not only about them.

We begin immediately with the classical performance. The longest street in the world is Yonge Street in Toronto, Canada. Its length - 1896 km. It starts from the waterfront of Lake Ontario and ends at the border with the United States.

However, the previous record, as you understand, there is one important feature - this street is not entirely in the city. Therefore, if it is considered the longest street in the city, it is probably worth noting street Avenida Rivadavia, Argentina in Buenos Aires. Even if it is not the longest (14, 6 km), then by the number of houses numbered exactly - 11800 rooms.

The longest city highway has a legendary Ukrainian Krivoi Rog. Its length - 124 km, and it consists of a couple of dozen streets.

Finally on the longest, note the longest village street, which is located in the village of Bichura, Buryatia. Street Communist stretched for 13 kilometers.

The shortest street in the world, according to Guinness World Records, is the Ebenezer Place, in the Scottish town of Vic. Its length - 2, 06 meters. In fact, the width of the house, which you see on the photo.

The widest street in the world - is also very controversial definition. So we imagine you several applicants. According to one source, the widest street in the world is Avenue July 9 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. By nine road lanes in each direction for a total width of 110 meters and a total length of one kilometer. To cross the avenue across the need to pass at least three traffic lights and spend about 5 minutes.

According to another version, the widest street located in Brazil, in the capital city called Brasilia. But monumental shaft (Monumental Axis), more expensive than an ordinary street, although it is 250 meters wide. Plus, it is worth considering green spaces between the roadway.

However, if you start only on the distance between the even and odd side of the house, the widest street in the world will be considered street Schmidt located his odd party in the Russian city Yeisk, and even - in the Ukrainian Mariupol. Separating the two sides of the street ... Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea :) At the same time, the width of the street is not less than 68 kilometers (distance directly across the bay). Of course, any fact can be challenged, but we do not write for that :)

The width of the street.

Even side.

Odd side.

Now let's talk about the narrowest street in the world. All on the same Guinness, the narrowest street in the world is located in the German town of Reutlingen - Shpreyerhofshtrasse. Its width varies from 50 to 31 centimeters. Street after renovation became a city in the far XVIIŠ† century.

The most winding street in the world recognized by Lombard Street in San Francisco. There's even say nothing. Simply look. We suspect that the street was created to get into the Guinness Book of Records :)

The steepest street in the world is considered to Baldwin Street in New Zealand. Its angle - 35 degrees.

Fifth Avenue in New York that year, remains the most expensive street in the world - nearly $ 21 thousand per square meter.


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