Top 10 mistakes in makeup that can add you a few years.

The purpose of applying makeup - to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses, but some women completely forget about it when doing make-up. Made some mistakes in applying makeup, the beautiful half of humanity can easily afford to add a few extra years. He gathered 10 of the most common errors in makeup that make you older. By avoiding them, you can create gorgeous images that you will only paint!

mascara on lower lashes
Lots of mascara on the lower lashes only emphasizes the wrinkles around the eyes. And for the upper lashes use black mascara that makes whites of the eyes brighten and visually enlarge the eyes, and the best give up mascara that adds volume.

Rich Lipstick
Bright and dark lipstick make lips thinner. If you have them, and so thin, choose a lipstick neutral and natural shades. You can also use a variety of lip glosses, as they visually enhance lips.

A thick layer of foundation
Choose a cream that contains a high percentage of moisturizing cream (60-75%) and mineral micropigments and after application do not forget to get wet sponge places where there were excess cream.

Liner on the lower eyelid
This trick significantly reduces the eye and emphasizes the dark circles. Emphasis is placed only on the upper eyelid, while the line will grow closer to the outer corner of the eye.

too light concealer
Too light concealer can accentuate wrinkles on the skin. Better buy foundation a few shades darker, while I try to choose this, which is composed of light-reflecting particles.

Correctors, which are designed to hide dark circles around the eyes - a great tool that can save you from the signs of fatigue and give your skin a healthy glow.

Too much powder
The older a woman is, the more rational it is to use powder. After age 40, the powder should be applied only to the T-zone, to eliminate unsightly sheen.

Shining shadow on the outer corners of the eyes
With this trick you need to be very careful, because if you overdo it with the radiant shadows, you can accidentally emphasize every wrinkle. Apply them only on the inner corner of the eye, the center of the century and under the brow.

Lipstick "is spreading»
If the natural lip line with age become less clear, then the made-up lips will increasingly create the effect of "sprawling" lipstick. Use contour pencil to shape the contour of the lips beautiful.

blush on the cheeks
You should also pay attention to the method for applying blush. If you apply blush only on the "apples" of the cheeks, they can draw attention to the sagging skin if you're not so young. In addition, many of the option simply does not go. A more pleasant visual effect you will achieve, causing blush on top of the cheekbones, but not too close to the nose.

Of course, all of these tips may not apply to all women, because each has its drawbacks, and particularly of the face and skin, but remember that make-up is sure to add an elegant image of femininity and give you the most smile.

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