Reduce the amount of pesticides in fruits and vegetables: a tool, which is home to everyone.

Fruits and vegetables - sources of vitamins and minerals that should be consumed daily. But the fact that we buy in shops and markets, can contain chemicals and pesticides. Gardeners and farmers spray these funds in order to increase yields and protect plants from pests. Completely get rid of pesticides in fruits and vegetables is difficult, but substantially lower their content is quite possible! The largest number of harmful substances on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Once fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed, advises dietician Gail Allemand place them for a few minutes in a solution of apple cider vinegar. To prepare the solution Mix water with apple cider vinegar (10: 1). Then rub the product well and rinse thoroughly under running water. This method is not suitable for cleaning most berries, as their skin is very tender.

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