Most purebred dogs in the world

Genealogical breeding dogs men started in the late nineteenth century. In resultatelection.php breeding in many breeds received more than 30 generations of animals. Annually in the world is born and has logged over 3.5 million purebred puppies.Purebred dogs in the global population собак

Currently, the planet on the proportion of registered purebred dogs account for only 5-6% of the General population of dogs (table 1).

About 100 countries have carried out breeding work in the dog, but 90% of all purebred dogs registered in 25 States.

Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) coordinates the activities of 83 national kennel associations which annually register up to 2,500,000 of the puppies. Among them the most significant is the Japanese kennel club (Japanese Kennel Club), which annually registers more than 530 000 purebred puppies. The American kennel club (American Kennel Club, AKC) remains the most prolific canine Federation world — each year recorded about 900,000 puppies.

Different criteria of purity breed собак

The number of breeds of dogs recognized by different kennel federations varies. The kennel club registers 200 UK breeds, but the leading place belongs to FCI, considering that their number is 354. Closes this list the Polish hound, which is last recognized by the FCI. Swiss white shepherd dog, stumpy tail cattle dog, Carpathian (Romanian) shepherd also belong to the newly recognized breeds.

In connection with such a different approach national dog training associations, more than 50% of the registered newborn puppies applies to a limited number of breeds. Table 2 lists the countries most actively engaged in the breeding of dogs.

Note. The number of purebred dogs is gradually increasing in the General population of this species, which is more or less stable. In the last decade especially, the number of breeding dogs of small breeds. This phenomenon first appeared in Asia and then spread to other continents, minimally affecting Europe. Apparently, this trend will continue to grow as the urbanization of the human society.

The prize for "dog training maturity", confirming that it was possible to achieve the predominance of purebred animals in the General population of dogs, rightfully belongs to the Scandinavian countries.

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