Autosaves charges the electric vehicles and solar and wind

Giraffe 2.0 is a canopy-power plant that can charge your environmentally friendly energy from your car. The energy obtained from solar panels and wind turbines, can be used to charge two vehicles nahodimsa under the safe roof. The design of this design is bright and practical, combining the artistic curves and the frame from environmentally friendly wood.

Giraffe 2.0 consists of the same 24 solar panels and a wind turbine as a 2013 model, but it added the function of the charger of electric vehicle. The unique location of the photovoltaic panels can produce electricity for 2 hours before and two hours later than traditionally mounted panels. This artistic bend and veranda the turbine is located on the top of a 12-meter wooden beams, reminiscent of velichestvenno the animal from which the structure got its name.

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According to estimates Giraffe 13850 produces about 2.0 kW*h of electricity annually with the help of solnechnyh batteries and verandoy turbine. This charge will last each of two electric vehicles to overcome the 45 thousand km per year. The use of wood in building frame construction was a deliberate decision of the designers who value eco-friendly materials.

The estimated cost of one such structure is 60800 $ for a relatively easy and quick Assembly. published




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